Monday, May 28, 2007

Little Bits Quilt of Valor

Yay - we finished the top of Little Bits quilt of Valor. This is the quilt that he decided we needed to sew on each day for 15 minutes! It worked and it is ready to be quilted. its a scrap pattern from Bonnie Hunters website called weedwhacker. (
We changed the borders a little and it is 51 by 62 - perfect for a Quilt of Valor.

He really liked the way he chose his borders - and he even tried to clean the kitchen up a little before the picture ;-)

We call this a working kitchen - and house for that matter.

We went on a vacation so all my days are a little messed up - the benefits of leaving a computer at home. But either last weekend or the weekend before we had my kids, and my nephews out and did a little riding on the horses, a little rodeoing, and a lot of goofing off. This is the 5 cowboys. We sure had a lot of fun and were a little sunburned.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Our Mini Tornado

Well - it finally happened. We have seen countless tornado go north of us, to the east of us, but Saturday one came our way. It took our trampoline and smashed it into the guy wires, turned our dumpster over, and took everything we had outside. Luckily for us - we were not apart of the outside.

It wasn't that big of one but it went from south to the north of us and truned east - we watched for about 2 miles, then a huge rain/hail storm came.

The next night we had rain for about 3 hours, we were prepared for a repeat, but nothing came of it.

Friday, May 04, 2007

2007 Delivery of the Quilts of Valor

On May 2nd, 6 children, one teacher, the superintendent and myself headed to Fort Carson to deliver 18 quilts of Valor. I can’t begin to tell you the impact of working on this project on myself and on the children.

We arrived in a middle of rain to meet the Chaplain at the gate. After passing security we traveled over to the hospital. The kids were a little nervous, and in awe of all the uniformed men and women walking around. We entered into the chapel – each kid had a quilt to present to the chaplain. The chaplain did a wonderful program, explaining to all that attended what Quilts of Valor was, and how these quilts have made such a difference in the soldiers lives. The last year the protocol of evacuation was changed so Evans Army Hospital met a lot more soldiers without quilts than in the previous year. In 2006 Chaplain C. gave out 52 quilts. He said that each time he presented a quilt to a soldier that the soldier was always tough, yet humbled that others had thought of him, and were praying for his recovery. By the time the chaplain would leave the room the soldier usually had tears in his eyes.

The children then presented the quilts to the chaplain. This involved removing the photo album and setting in on the table, pulling the quilt out of the pillowcase, and unfurling it. There were many officers, doctors and soldiers in the chapel watching. As each quilt was unfurled there were many ohhs and ahhs – but the best of all was the Huwa’s . I have no idea how to spell that – but it is there call, and to know that our quilts received that honor touched me deeply.

Colonel R. honored each of the children with a medal of excellence and personally thanked them for the work that they did on these quilts.

After our presentation ceremony, Chaplain C. took us up to a Sergeants room. Sgt. B. was a sniper. His Hummvee had been hit by an IED and he was thrown from the front to the back of the vehicle. He said he hurt, but he had a job to do, and so he did it. It wasn’t until some time later that he lost complete feeling in one of his legs and had other symptoms. He headed to a medic and they discovered that in the explosion he had ruptured two of his discs in his lower back and that they had completely disintegrated. He has been through many surgeries and rehab. He is in a lot of pain and faces 2 to 3 more surgeries.

Sgt. B. invited us all into his room, and we gave him a quilt. He pulled the photo album out and had all of us sign it right there for us. He told us where he was from, and our superintendent had been born in the same town…small world. Sgt. B. talked to all of the kids and discussed their hobbies – for a man in so much pain he sure was kind and considerate of others. He made the kids feel so comfortable being in his room, and he was really interested in them. Sgt. B. was part of 82nd airborne, and now has a great Red White and Blue quilt to cover him as he rehabilitates. He also has my unending prayers for a swift recovery and lots of protection.
The picture is of the kids and thier teacher, along with Chaplain C.

It tears at my heart to see someone hurt and injured, it tears at my heart to know that they are injured far away from family, friends and the comforts of home. It tears at my heart to see the bravery and strength that these soldiers possess. It tears me up that all we can give them is a quilt – but that quilt becomes a huge hug from those of us who care, and as Chaplain C. says – we need to continue to care – and Care with Honor!
If you are interested in making a quilt or more information about Quilts of Valor you can go to