Friday, February 28, 2014

Another one bites the dust!

I think I have been working on this quilt for a while. I kept losing interest - which is sad - because I loved the fabrics. One day I was working on it, and it hit me - My friend K - needed this quilt!!!

Having a recipient in mind sure made it go faster. I finished the top, then searched all over for an appropriate backing - suitable to the quilt - and to K....

And Voila!! I am finished - and K is now the proud owner of this quilt:

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Quilts of Valor 2014

Oh La La - I have 10 .. count em  ... 10 GORGEOUS Quilts of Valor to show to you today!! I hope you are inspired.

Quilts of Valor is getting really really close to presenting it's 100,000 quilt this year - I am so proud that these quilts are a part of it!!

Here are TWO lovelies from Ila M. My Dear Ila - she knows me SO very well - and she sent some goodies too.  I got Wrangler Man to baking right away!!

 Isn't this just gorgeous? The fabrics and the Quilting - I just wanted to hug it over and over - Lovely!!

This is Ila's Second quilt. Just as beautiful as the first. Makes me so excited to show this off!!

Then My darling Adele..... her fabrics - I seriously would love to see what her quilt studio looks like!! LOVE!

And Adele's Second Quilt. Isn't that cool!!!  Each block is different - I love it!!

Oh and then my Meredith..... My Meredith... someday she is quilting with me too!!!  I just love how she takes these fabrics and turns them into gorgeous ness......

Ron Olsen in NM quilts them for her. He is a Machine I tell you!!

Hope you are Inspired by todays Quilt show!!! I can guarantee you these quilts are loved!! If you haven't seen last weeks post - go there now!

For all of the Quilt shows of 2014 here is the link:

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

MANifestations ( at RMQM)

Saturday was a long day.... my oldest had a track meet.... A college track meet - HOW did he get so old!!

He ran the Mile and the 800.  These kids run a mile in 4 minutes.... so you know after seeing all these athletic kids - I came home and set the timer for 4 minutes. Figured I would run a mile... Made it to the kitchen....   btw  - the timer is IN the kitchen .... Sigh....

Then we found ourselves in Golden.... and in Golden there is the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum.... and at the Rocky Mtn Quilt Museum the exhibit is called MANifestations - and exhibition of quilts made by men.

Being the mom of men, and the mom of a man who had his quilt in exhibit in 2008... we thought we should stop by,,,

GREAT decision:

Here are a few of the quilts - and right below them is who made them.....

This one was hanging high - the texture - oh my!

If you have a chance this exhibit is open until April 29th and you SHOULD go!!!

Here is Little bit and his quilt that was in this exhibit .... flashback:

Monday, February 24, 2014

A New Project

First off - the Winner from my Cheery - O's Pattern Post is:

Barb In NJ at Paint Creek Quilt  is the winner!!! Barb - Send me your address and I will get it sent out to you! Enjoy!!  PS - you can find the pattern at Craftsy

And Next - I am blaming Cynthia at Quilting is more Fun than Housework.... she is forcing me, twisting my arm and making me start a new project....

Okay - Maybe she is not really, she may not even know that she inspired me - but she is doing a little scrappy Quilt a long and I thought I would join in on Quilts #2. BUT !!! There is a problem, or a difference here.

A darling person gave me a bag of 4.5 inch squares - but um, the 4.5 isn't quite exact - or accurate - or well - they weren't quite all the same.... so Mine will be a little more.... shall we say.... abstract???

I grabbed the stack of squares and started pulling the ones with a blue theme....

Then I started sewing and realized I needed a few more.....

And I actually have some of it sewn now.... but I had a distraction - my son ( more about that tomorrow) My QOV sew day.... and my sick child.

So this is a quilt I did in 2011 with Judys Color challenges... It reminds me of the style of quilt I am working on now..... Maybe that is why I was drawn to Cynthias scrap a palooza!

To see other design walls head over to

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Pink Scrappy Saturday

My Saturdays aren't quite working out the way I wanted them to, but I wouldn't trade them for the world. Last Saturday found me driving all over the state - Quilt of Valor presentations AND!!! BONUS - got to see my oldest son!!

This Saturday finds me away from the machine as well....

So although my pink progress is slow - I will survive!!

I did want to get at least my heart block done - so I can add it with my blues.... I will call that success this month!!!

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Friday, February 21, 2014


Yesterday was Ansel Adams birthday - he was born in 1902.  I was not.... just clearing that up for you ...

I have long admired his work, and abilities. When I was a kid I would load the Black and White film into my Dad's 35mm Minolta (a star camera!) and trek out into the backyard to find a Yosemite of my own.  I had fun, I had indulgent parents.

I do not claim to be another Ansel Adams - I do claim to be inspired by his work. I am also VERY grateful for digital cameras. Sometimes he could only take 5 photos in one trip - as he had to carry the glass to create the photos - AND he sat still.  I have been known to take 500 photos in less than a mile. ( thank goodness for delete!)  AND I have been known to NOT sit still... I am working on that tho..

Here are some photos from my most recent ventures in Colorado:

I am not sure what type of plant this is - I know that it was by a river, there were lots of ducks in it - so I am going to assume it is nutritious....

Do you ever wonder what has happened to make a tree look like this?  We were thinking dinosaurs.

I love leaves - they reflect the sun so differently.

The kids wanted to climb this one - I am not real sure how that would work...
Have a great Friday!!!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Cheery - O's

As you have probably noticed - I LOVE bright Colors!  When I pulled these fabrics from my stash I wanted to focus on each of them - and so I designed this Quilt Pattern.

It is for sale in my Craftsy Store. You can click on the Quilt Picture and it will take you immediately there.

I had a great time quilting it - with all the open spaces you can really have some fun with it. The back is actually polka dots - but it makes it easy to see the quilting:

 I love having tall sons too - they can sure help me out when taking Quilt Pictures ;-)
The quilt finishes at 54 x 72
It is for sale in my shop for $7.99. If you don't use Craftsy I will be glad to send you a hard copy of the pattern. It will be $9.99 including US shipping. Just email me ( in my profile) and I can send you a paypal invoice.

BUT!! You can also win this pattern today! Leave me a comment - make sure you are NOT a No-reply blogger, or give me a way to contact you. On Sunday I will draw a winner!


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Quilts of Valor 2014

Last week was a busy week ( or was it this week?) for presenting Quilts of Valor in Colorado. The awesome Pat R, and Fabulous Laura F, and Amazing Liz TD did some individual presentations. We will get pictures of those to you soon......

and Teresa and I were on post in the Battalion - I hope you can see your quilts here - claim them if you do... I thought I was taking great shots of the quilts... but I think I got distracted by the smiles. Making these folks happy gets me every time ;-)

and I hope your heart is Happy too!!!   Thank you all for your help in honoring our Soldiers on post! you all made this a great Valentines day.... more pics to come ... Promise!!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Puppy

Nothing to do with quilting at all... but every once in a while.... you just need a cute puppy picture...