Tuesday, July 31, 2012


This is a group of all OEF/OIF veterans. What a bunch of great people. 

I believe the smiles say it all. We were trying to get the quilts out front too - so you could see who your quilt went to. The Quilts were truly loved, but the best part was the amazement that someone would make something so beautiful for them!!  Great job Quilters!!

Monday, July 30, 2012


Got a little time in for some quilting!! YaY

This is a Quilt of Valor. It was made by Patty - and is her VERY first one!! Patty is an amazing gal. She joined our guild, and we immediately recruited her.

Two of our QOV'ers took her fabric shopping, introducing her to the Fabric Enhancing experience!!!

To see other design walls - head over to http://www.patchworktimes.com

Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Day at the Fair

It is the Weld County Fair time... and this year we all entered a few things to test our luck!!
We spent a day  ( evening) perusing the fair, and seeing all sorts of great things!!

These are in no particular order - I just took pics with my phone, and some of them were okay. 

This is one of my quilts - Denise and I collaborated on it and we got Judges Choice.

I decided to try my hand at photography - this is a landscape Black and white...

This one went in the Misc. Category. I found this really cool blue frame and thought it looked good with the water ;-)

Wrangler Man entered a bunch of veges, This one won the largest Zuchini. Me, I kill plants.

My boy and his dog - in the portrait category. Boy was that a cool category. I should have taken pics of the other pics - amazing what people can do!!! ( We took 5th place)

Little bit entered his quilt. He entered in the open class judging, rather that thru 4H. He didn't want to do a record book, and I sort of thought that was smart - since he had 2 record books to do already.  he won the blue and purple ribbon below.

We checked out a ton of animals - this chicken - totally made me laugh, and he talked, and he followed you, and he was hilarious!!1

Middle bit entered his quilt through 4H, he was braver, and did a wonderful record book. Even had to keep track of all of his expenses. Shew - we don't want that to fall into the wrong hands ( dads!!)

So - umm, apparently there is a correct way to shoot thru an iphone? Wrangler Mans Spaghetti Squash.  We LOVE these - they are so yummy!!!

Lambs with an identity crisis ;-)   All these lambs get washed and then they put these blankets on them to keep them clean. They were fun - bright colors, camo colors and these ;-)

Someone spent a lot of time making this Vege Octopus . We LOVED it!! Congrats to whoever made it!!

We moved on to the pig barn. Little bit really wants to raise a pig for fair next year, so we had to go check them out...They get a little large...

And Lazy.....

Oh - here is another of my photos - 4th place for the puppy ;-)

Check out these scarecrows - are they not cool? again - not by us - but so fun to see.

It was pretty fun to go visit. There were a lot of wonderful quilts, and 4H displays and Cakes... yum ! The cakes and the decoration was so adorable. If you all have a chance - get to your fair!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cute Quilts

One of the dear ladies that started quilting close to the same time I did, brought me some quilts to quilt for the babies being born around her. I think she has advanced faster - she likes applique.... I am still working on liking it ( as in doing it myself)

Isn't this adorable??? I love the little lambs!!

Oh look - my crazy Kickboxing family... I really have a muscle there - its just hiding.....

And this is the second baby quilt. She found the cutest alphabet panel and cut it up into blocks and made this one. I loved it ...
Today I am going to go organize in my quilt room. Wish me luck!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A different kind of Quilt Show

It has been a couple of crazy weeks around here, and while I love Crazy... I love being a homebody too.... so today... all home.. all the time!!

I have a few lovely quilts to show you today, and a lot of happy smiles....

This first great quilt was made by Jessie C  - Can you believe those start? Wonderful!!

This one is number 6 of 12 ( the QOV 12 in 12 challenge) from Adele D - It is SO great. I spent a lot of time checking out her fabrics!!

And number 7 of 12 for Adele - this one is lovely too, and last night it caught the eye of a female veteran. She was IN LOVE with it... (pictures to follow soon)

Pillowcases!!! Each and every one of our Quilts of Valor are presented with a pillowcase. These are so wonderful! They keep the Quilt clean, they make it easy to carry, and when they get home, to the barracks, at the hospital - they can put the pillowcase on their pillow and it livens up the place.

These were sent by the Pride City Quilt guild in Pueblo - most of them this time made by Teresa!!! Thank you SO much!!

And now -the Happy Faces!! It has been whirlwind presentation time around here - I don't know the reason why, but we have just been working hard to get our military covered!!
Army - 3 tours Iraq

Army in the WTB ( Warriors in Transition)
Quilt made by Jessica V quilted by me 
(just a lucky memory thing at this moment)

This quilt caught her eye because of its soothing colors, when I opened it fully she went - *ohhhh*  ...it found a forever home ;-)

This quilt - from the Cane Cutters Quilt guild in LA found a happy recipient. These were seriously her favorite colors, and we decided it would really brighten up her barracks!
Nita - if you are reading - we are looking for the pattern name for this one. 
This is one made by the High School FCCLA at Platte Valley. They sure did a great job. He is in the WTB as well. Nicest guy ever, but he could not understand why I was not charging him for this quilt.
Gift was a hard word for him to accept.

This guy was amazing. He has a facial injury, but was as happy as could be. He was so tickled to receive a quilt, but even more happy to pose!!!

And my last happy face for today! He really really really wants to say thank you to all the quilters who make these quilts. When he got to the unit, he was walking through and was looking at the quilts on others' beds. 

All he had was his standard issue blankets. He asked the others about them and they explained what kind of quilts they were, and he felt like he might not be worthy of one.... And then I showed up.  

He told me he could feel all your love that is put into the quilt, and he couldn't stop examining the fabrics and the stitching. Something like this always makes my day, but the smile is what really made it - and his thanks to all of you to be honored this way!

Monday, July 23, 2012

True Love

Yesterday was the County 4H Dog Show, and of course we went. I am not sure how we ever lived with out this little guy - he just melts hearts all over the place. You should see the tiny kids and the grandmas flock to him.... 

Here he is awaiting his turn in the *show ring* ... I love the sport coat - so cute!!

Healing on command - I tell you - the improvement since the last dog show was amazing!!

Letting the judge pet him - it was quite funny, I think he was looking for a treat!!

Exiting the ring

The puppy Fan Club. 
I don't know that Little Bit has had so many fans in attendance.
Our Dear Friends came - and they made it so much fun!!
Plus it really made Little Bit feel special!

Seriously? How does one say no to this face???

And - they were tickled.
They were in a bigger class this time 9 or 10 kids ( I forgot to count)
they still did really well, and were quite pleased!

And because I was such a good mommy I got chocolate ice cream, before being bad mommy, and making the 3 kids finish record books ( they are only DUE TODAY!!)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fire Benefit

Yesterday was a Fire Benefit up at Livermore CO. Livermore, Glacier View, and Red Feathers were the three Fire Departments hit rather hard by the High Park Fires... not only in loss of houses, but also in damage to the fire equipment. All three of these departments are Volunteer Departments, yet, don't get much federal support.... so we all supported them!!

The benefit was at the community center, and it was a blast. Firehouse Quilts  and Marilyn  provided over 60 Kid Comfort Quilts, and I was the lucky one to deliver them. The firefighters were ecstatic. 

Air Link  was also there, as were numerous bands, a BBQ joint, a silent auction - and ME... 

Air Link - and my oldest - he asked if Grandpa would buy the helicopter for his birthday. I can't quite remember the answer???

In this area - Air Link is one of the first ways to get injured people to the hospital - its pretty rugged terrian. The pilot of this chopper was a blackhawk pilot in Iraq. He . Was. Awesome!!
Dunk Tank

The food tables, and friends!! - the BBQ was amazing - and they had Quiche!! Many REAL men ate quiche yesterday!!! 

These two musicians were entertaining as you walked thru the silent auction. I sang with them for a while. We were asked to go on tour... they wanted me to start right now, but wanted the guys to stay and play awhile.

I took it personally.

Another little blue grass band entertaining by the booths.

Air Link Taking off. I only have 3 million and 42 batrillion shots of it. I think we all might be addicted to aircraft......  plus a little boy ( who I did not know) kept shouting at me - take that picture, and take that one... He was cute!

Air Link Nurse ( and Marine Corpsman- Iraq) Left - Jake the Pilots Wife - right ( Army - Iraq)

Fire chief G( aka My Dad)  and Eddie( aka the horse Doc) putting quilts into the Chiefs Vehicle for handing out to victims of the High Park Fire.

And EMT Sherry handing out a quilt to a little guy whose house was lost. Sweetest little guy in the Entire. World.  Although the had quite the grip on the quilt - and was defineatly claiming it!!

I hope a lot of money was raised, I hope a lot of hearts got happier, I hope that these wonderful people are able to put their lives back together.