Sunday, November 26, 2017


Happy Thanksgiving a few days late.... but I have good reason....

I left again....   you probably don't know this - but I am really a homebody! Or a state Body? I really don't need to leave much, and this last month - that's all I seem to do! and!!  I survived ;-)

For Thanksgiving we headed out to see one of my kids - all of us had such a great time - and I took a gazillion batrillion photos ( surprise)

So I thought I would start with the Selfies and the Us-ies  ( Not sure if that's a word - but I like it!)

You'll probably never guess where we went?

 And just so you know
We are not the most practiced at Us-ies
We would not give the Kardashians a run for their money 

At night....
there is hardly anyone around
Except the guards
They are much nicer without people ;-)

We used public Transportation

At the top of Arlington

Thanksgiving Day
This is the one day we just hung out and did nothing
It was great - well - I guess we did do something
I cooked - They ate

And the city is being decorated for Christmas

This was my view from as we left...
I might have Cried

we walked just a little bit each day
I need new shoes now

Hope you all had a great one
I am off to read blogs and catch up
and decorate my house
and start the On Ringo Lake Mystery
and pick up the mail
and get groceries
and..... shew - you know!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Scrappy Hearts Quilt


My scrappy Hearts Leader and Ender Blocks are now a quilt top!!

Whoot Whoot!!

So here is it as it is growing - and then I ran out of strips - so instead of going to dig in my fabrics like any good stashbuster would do - I simply stopped - and started laying it out!

and then - with each bottom of the heart I ended up with half squares

So they became a border!!

Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving
I will see you after Turkey Day!

Friday, November 17, 2017

On Ringo Lake Fabric Pull

Whoot Whoot - I am making it though my to do list a little bit... and on it was to pull some fabrics for the

Mystery by Bonnie Hunter

Every year millions upon Millions of quilters join in - and some! Even abandon Black Friday.... and every year I promise that I am going to keep up, and every year I participate.... I do not.... so I am shedding the expectations - I am joining in for the fun - and Next year about this time - I hope to have a finished Quilt top....

(ps - that's the stage of my last mystery EnProvence - Quilt top..... oops)

Alright - here are my fabrics:

I didn't really find any Coral/Peachy Colors - but I thought Orange would look pretty cool - So we will see - as the mystery gets going I have been know to *Find* more fabrics to add.....

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

SkyBall Day 3 and some QOV photos

Day 3 at SkyBall was a formal Gala

But before the Gala anyone who wanted to could go see the World Premiere of a documentary called
"Journey Home to the USS Arizona"


And it will soon be playing on PBS and other places -
in the meantime you can see the other 18 documentaries Tim has produced 
Here - 
and you can watch them!

I had the privilege of speaking to a 102 year old Veteran.
and he was  pretty cool ,and all relaxed

And then I learned who he really was!
LT  Cole from  Doolittle's Raiders!!

Oh my gosh! Does that make history really come to life
You have to go watch his film - seriously - Really Seriously!!

Oh and! Go eat some Jelly Bellies
The Jelly Belly people were there and supported this whole thing - 
And I met the owners - Its a family owned company - such cool people!

Alright - Back to the Gala: 
I should have had someone take a photo of me - I actually dressed up...
with real dress up clothes

and Holee Cow - people were in formal gowns - and Shew! 
What a night

The Medal Of Honor Recipients were honored

The different foundations that the AirPower Foundation supports were represented
an amazing Veteran who was burned over 75% of his body and lost 2 arms spoke to us
and the Beach Boys played

All of this is awesome and was so amazing

But I still love Honoring our Vets with Quilts of Valor
so on Thursday before Veterans Day these Three received their QOV's

and then these 10 received theirs
I love this!
I love it!!

it was good to get back home
I sorta like my house,
but what an honor to attend the SkyBall Gala

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

SkyBall Day 2

Day 2 was just as exciting for me, but it was way Different

Where Day 1 was more intimate, and smaller numbers of people - day 2 was flooded with people!!

AND!! we were at an Airline Hanger!!  Too cool - and!!! there were planes - lots of planes - and I was in awe!!

Look !! An Osprey!!
I volunteered to fly it - and no one took me up on it 
so sad!!

We travel with our own VietNam Vet
and this pilot wanted to meet him - 
so after he was done with our Vet - I stole him!

He gave us a personal tour, and I almost convinced him to let me fly
Instead he volunteered to take a photo with me and R

and Look!
Another plane

and a C-130

and a plane that was a three War Veteran plane
It served in WWII, Korea and VietNam

25 Missions

It was so cool
After touring the planes we headed into the hangar and I was so in awe 
I put my phone in my pocket  - and that is all

Gary Sinise and the LT Dan Band played
and we were entertained by Terry Fator

we watched 3 Veterans receive lots of love and care
and we learned about the new IWheelchair and the ExoSkeleton

So much info!!!!

Monday, November 13, 2017

SkyBall part 1

I had an opportunity of a lifetime.... and I took it!

I was invited to Dallas , Texas for SkyBall , and the Medal of Honor Societies Gala - and wow - what a three day event!!

The first night was the 


... there were over 17 Medal of Honor recipients there - I think I tried to meet them all - what an honor and a privilege -

15 were from VietNam, 1 from Korea, and 1 Iraq wars/conflicts - and Wow.....

It was so great, and I was so busy learning about these veterans that I didn't take any photos of them with me - can you believe it?  Plus - they were probably photo-ed out!

That's my shirt - I loved it!!

This is the hallway you walk down to the gala
I only tripped once..... that anyone saw!

(Ps I was wearing heels - *gasp* )

They had a great program
Americas Tenor 
(that's how they introduced him and I can't remember the name, and I am too lazy to go get my program to tell you)

Sang with a group of kids, and the kids came and stood by a MOH 
This was mine ( okay - he was at my table ...Robert Ingram)

and Look!
I met Gary Sinise
LT Dan himself!!

Okay really he wanted to meet me, I could see it in his eyes 
I mean really - I am So much more of a celebrity than him right 
Ha ha ha

What a great guy!
So kind and gracious

I was sitting by him, you should have seen the way he interacted with people
I tell you - if all celebs were like him - it'd be a better world!!

Then - he and Tony Orlando!!
Singing "Tie a Yellow Ribbon"
and Surprise!
I knew every word!

Thanks to my Mom and Grandma playing it on the piano so many times
*or rather!  having me and my brother play it on the Player Piano for them*

This was such an honor to be a part of

They award a person the
 " Bob Hope Award for Excellence in Entertainment in Support of Our Nations Military"

Terry Fator was the reciepient
You should look him up!!

And that was day one.....

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Quilts of Valor Colorado

Veterans Day is Coming up - and this last week we have already made a lot of awards of QOV's - so in the future - you may see some of these loving on their Veterans !!!

But for now - I used my trusty little point and click and shot them for inspiration and for Oohing and Ahhing over!!

this first one is a QOV Stars Group quilt that I quilted
Isn't that star so cool??

This one ( below)
Is from Connie and Kathy 

This one is the block drive blocks
Topped by Me and Quilted by Pattye in New Mexico

and anther Topped by Me and Quilted by Pattye

and a third one
Topped by Me and quilted by Pattye

I sure hope she didn't go crazy having to do 3 of them -
but I so appreciate out volunteer!!

This one below
is from Linda and the Chaffee County Quilters
It's plaid....., love

And below
Put together from Sheree
and quilted by Deb S in Colorado

This one was put together by Ethel and also quilted by Deb S in CO

And the last one for today 
Put together by Diana and the High Prairie Quilt shop in Parker Quilters
quilted by Deb Y in Colorado

Did you find one or two that sparked your creativity??

PS - Annette - who is making a QOV for her DIL in the Springs?  I need your email to actually reply so I can help you - you can leave it in the comments - or get mine from my profile....t hanks

Monday, November 06, 2017


It is that time of year where there is a bit of secret sewing going on.... and on that front - I am making a secret quilt for a secret somebody - and I finished the top!! Yay!! I am so excited - and it turned out so cute, and I know it will be loved...... and!  I can't show you   *sigh*  

Now on to the back!!

I also glimpsed over Bonnie Hunters new Mystery * On Ringo Lake* and the colors she is using are some of my absolute favorites  - so today - it is search through the stash and find those colors!!

And so - because I have no photos of those to show you yet.....

My Ranch Photos A Day!!!

This is Saturday:

Happy Trails to you...

And Sunday
Cleaning the Corrals

and this was just the afternoon
Puppy likes the sun, and hanging out with me,
He is behind my sewing chair
Soaking it in

I am starting a new project - I may actually have some quilting
that I can show sometime soon ;-)

Happy Quilting

Friday, November 03, 2017

Trimming and Prepping and *gasp* organizing!

Does any one else struggle with their schedules when it starts getting darker longer, each morning?  I am a sort of Rise with the Sun person.... or just a little earlier - but I tell ya! The sun not rising till after 7 is sure messing with me!!

I get up and think its the middle of the night - and then I hear - "come on - lets go, you need to give B her medicine"   B - my Horse, will only take it from me - go figure  ......

after chores I got all sorted out sort of - My leader/ender project had gotten way out of hand - so I got it back to organized:

Truly - that's organized - I now know where I am in all these parts to make::::

This Block
Its a great scrap Buster!

and the kids that my son is stitching with - this is their stack of blocks
I squared them for them

(These are the Kevin the Quilter 2014 Block drive block pattern)

AND!!  I made a few Superhero Bowl Cozies
I sold some of them, and my son wanted one - so I thought - maybe more will sell?

And then!!  ( like a TV Commercial ) Wait! There;s more!

My blogging friend Snowcatcher - Go ahead - click her linke
She is just an amazing Photographer - as well as quilter, stitcher, and book writer!

Started a November Project with her photography

And I thought - Wow! I want to do something like that
Mostly to get me outside, doing fun things in the Fall/Winter
Instead of just chores

So I thought! What a bout a Ranch Photo a Day?

I like my place - I like to walk.... hmmmm

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Short ! But Super Sweet!!

Good Morning !!

I have a short but SUPER sweet QOV show for you this morning!!

Hope you are ready?  I haven't even started breakfast yet - so .... hopefully no one is hungry quite yet!

This Beauty Above is from the PAtchwork Quilters
and was Quilted by Ingunn

And Below was pieced by Dianne L
and Quilted by Ingunn

This beauty was Pieced by Ethel and Quilted by Me

Heres the back

And this is her Newest one Pieced!
( still needs to be quilted)

My son and I were reminiscing - 
He is working with a group of kids to make some more Quilts of Valor  - So we were talking about his very first QOV - and how it was chosen to hang in the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum.

There was an Exhibit called "Quilts at the Hands of Men"
he was the youngest Quilter - and had such a blast!

That is all Folks - 
Go have your breakfast and get to work
Ha hA!!
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