Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Short ! But Super Sweet!!

Good Morning !!

I have a short but SUPER sweet QOV show for you this morning!!

Hope you are ready?  I haven't even started breakfast yet - so .... hopefully no one is hungry quite yet!

This Beauty Above is from the PAtchwork Quilters
and was Quilted by Ingunn

And Below was pieced by Dianne L
and Quilted by Ingunn

This beauty was Pieced by Ethel and Quilted by Me

Heres the back

And this is her Newest one Pieced!
( still needs to be quilted)

My son and I were reminiscing - 
He is working with a group of kids to make some more Quilts of Valor  - So we were talking about his very first QOV - and how it was chosen to hang in the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum.

There was an Exhibit called "Quilts at the Hands of Men"
he was the youngest Quilter - and had such a blast!

That is all Folks - 
Go have your breakfast and get to work
Ha hA!!
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Judy V in Thornton CO said...

I remember seeing your son's first QOV at the RMQM and being truly impressed! It is heartwarming to see he is sharing the joy of making QOVs with the kids.

Kat said...

These are all beautiful quilts! Thanks for linking up :)

abelian said...

I really like Ethel's quilts. Is the new one from a pattern, or her own design? Those overlapping star points are easy and look good! Dot

Louise said...

Beautiful quilts! And what a great photo of your son with his quilt hanging in a museum! Wow! Not many quilters can claim that honor :)

Louise said...

PS I found you thru Kat's blog, so I'm really glad you linked up!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Another wonderful batch of QOV quilts!! Thanks for keeping us inspired.

Kate said...

Beautiful QOVs. I remember when Little Bit had his quilt on display. Has it really been that long ago? He's not so little anymore.

Tami C said...

He looks very proud of his creation!

Jo said...

Fantastic story