Monday, June 30, 2014

A New Quilter

A friend of mine finally jumped in and had the Quilt Bug bite her. She designed her quilt and had such a great time making it. I was honored when she asked me to quilt it!

Her plan was to hang it on the wall, so we had fun choosing a quilting Design.

Didn't she do a fabulous job?   I sure enjoyed working on it. And good news... Binding was no problem for her ;-)

Purple and Green

The boys and I decided to watch some Iron Man, and some other Superhero... and Maverick... because seriously.. there are only so many hours of Superhero time one can take.... I decided to cut into my Purple and Greens.

I really used more purple than green... but the effect is more green than purple. I still like it... it just surprised me!  I think I might have moved that solid purple block though after I snapped the photo... It still needs to be put into rows - but I had fun...  ( and then we spent the whole rest of the weekend roping... just wait till I show you those photos)

I also got another little quilt on the frame and am having fun with it... Did I ever tell you it is cooler in my Quilting Studio ( aka the basement)?

And because you know I love the outdoors.... can you see the storm moving in?

Enjoy your day!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Pink and Green

I live in a house of all boys, we have boy dogs, boy horses ( okay a few girls... but they aren't real talkative) and everyone loves brown and blue.... what is a girl to do?

Use Pink and Green in a quilt top.... Yep - that's what we do!

This is a free pattern on called Weed Whacker I believe? 
Little Bit made it a few years ago in Red White and Blue and we loved it.
He renamed his Scrap Whacker  

and ... The back!

My dear friend is binding it for me... as! We! Speak!  I am so excited... she likes to bind ;-)

Since it is starting to get hot, maybe this cool forest picture will speak to you !  Enjoy your week!!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Allegiance Part 3

Allegiance Quilt – Step 3
© Vicki Welsh

In this step we are going to make another set of simple rail fence blocks and cut some additional pieces. The rail fence block cutting instructions are for the full width of the fabric.

For the FULL Directions and to print them Click HERE

So ... who all is Keeping Up??

Leave me a comment and tell me where you are? How is it going?  That is ONE entry

For a second Entry you can follow me on Facebook - go like my Page  and leave me a comment telling me you do - that is Entry number TWO

I will draw a random name and send you 3 yards of fabric - all Patriotic.... my choice ( it's yummy and one has polka dots!!)  Leave a comment by June 30th to be entered!! ( Please leave me a way to contact you as well!)

Just to prove to you that I am keeping up ;-)

Here is my step 3 and the cut outs!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Quilts of Valor 2014 6/25

We had our Greeley Sew day last Sunday and it was fun. We have less people in the summer months, but the ones that came were full of energy!! It is so fun to stitch and talk and get so much done! I finished Clue 2 of Allegiance.... its a great quilt.. How many of you are doing it?

So... Hope you will sit back and enjoy today's Quilt of Valor show!!

 This quilt was pieced by Connie of Loveland - out of the Moda Just One Star Blocks - and I quilted it. I had fun. Connie is an excellent piecer!

The next 5 quilts are from the Amelia Island Quilters in Florida... I met up with one of them in Fort Collins - of all places!! She was out visiting her former hometown and of course, we met at a quilt shop... It was SO much fun!!!

 Didn't they do a great job with this panel? I sure love to see how people use these!! This is a great quilting group - and they get a TON done!!

This one was an all Marine Quilt. And funny story .... the day that I received this quilt, I also received a request for a WWII Marine to be presented a Quilt of Valor.... I think it was destiny!

Isn't this the Sweetest Man? His wife was just so tickled to have us honor her Husband - and what a man! He served during WWII - he was a navigator. Oh my gosh - the stories!  He was so sweet.

I sure appreciate all the support Quilts of Valor gets - and Amelia Island Quilters... Thank you!

This next one ( below) is from Crystal S in Denver. Crystal is one my longarmer friends - and she is awesome!! Isn't this a beautiful Quilt?

This one ( below) was pieced by the Columbine Quilt Guild and was quilted by my dear Ellen P in Denver. Someday I am going to quilt like Ellen.... seriously - you should see her talent!!

 Below is the back - awesome right?

This next quilt was pieced by Deb. So Deb... she is amazing.. she takes orphan blocks and makes works of art out of them. I am so glad that she was drug along to one of our sew days...

It was quilted by Dawna - another of my longarmer Friends. Dawna is a Panto designer - She just opened an online store where you can find her cool pantos....  Dawna's Design Threads    ( the pattern below is one of hers)

This lovely quilt was pieced by Jayette in MT  - and it is gorgeous!!  You all probably know how much I love plaids... Oh boy... this one went on my bucket list!  ( I have one on Pinterest!)
 it was also quilted by Dawna!

The next two quilts are from Paula. They migh tnot look like Patriotic Quilts of Valor - but I am going to tell you - these will be LOVED!!!  We have a womans group - that will be having a wonderful Women Veterans meeting. We wanted to honor them for their service, and we also wanted to honor them as women.  These two quilts are a part of the group of feminine quilts that will be presented to them! I SO appreciate Paula for stepping up with these lovelies!!

You all - I know I tell you how important these quilts are... but I just can not tell you how much! They are so loved, and so important in so many ways - as an honor, as a thank you - but most importantly as a hug!  So thank you for all your support. I truly appreciate it. ( I do!!)

Monday, June 23, 2014

Randomness #6

I showed you Randomness #6 a little bit ago ( you can see it here: )

This is my pile of fabrics..... and there is a good reason for donuts and waffles.....

My oldest son graduated from high school ( last year - ackkk)  and I quilted all these graduation quilts for clients, and I made a few T shirt quilts.... and it never dawned on me... I was FORGETTING my own child!!

So the other two and I went on a fabric hunt.... and we found fabrics that reminded us of him.

And I made a drawing... Drawings are always a committment to finish a quilt correct???

And we started cutting and sewing... and we had this much done and were so excited with our progress - and the boy came home!!!  So I packed it all up, and promptly forgot!!!  Until this year when I started in on other T shirt quilts, and graduation quilts......

And I dug it out again and we finished piecing it....  and I loaded it on the machine.... and hurried... because he said he was on his way home ( again!!)

And Ta - da!! It is finished ( well no binding yet)  There is running and swimming and drumming, Typing and waffles and donuts, Superheros and letters and a few solids....

And then there is the back!!  It has Smores and Blue Angels and Swimming... and all the little leftovers!!

And it was fun.......

And I gave it to him completely unbound... because... now he will bug me to bind it!! and it will get done!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Parson Gray

The story starts at QuiltCon... Yes - I went to QuiltCon in Austin Texas. I hope it wasn't that long ago, or you will realize that I take my sweet time getting things done.

While at QuiltCon I met David and Amy Butler... they will never remember me, but that part doesn't matter - I remember them. David had designed a line of fabrics and that intrigued me, being the mom of all boys.

After I returned home I sought out his fabric line. I usually don;t ( I won't say never!) buy an entire collection - but this time... I did!  Twelve different pieces of his collection.

I started cutting and stitching and having a lot of fun - here it is - up on the design wall:

And Ta Da!! Finished.... and  *gasp*  bound... and ready to go!!

I had such fun quilting texture into it. It is already full of the look of texture with his fabrics....

 And the back!! you always have to LOVE the back right?

Ta Da!! A Finish!!   It is for sale in my Etsy Store too - Parson Gray Lap Quilt

Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer Quiltin'

on a hot summer night... la la laa laa la  ..

Know what I love about summer?  It doesn't get dark until almost 9pm.... and that to me... means MORE time!!!

I have been wanting to play with some designs that I found online for Quilts of Valor - but I sometimes feel like I "have to get it done" so I go with something  that is less 'experimental'

My goal this summer.... experiment!!

So here are two of the first experiments:

This quilt was pieced by Connie out of the Moda Just One Star Blocks.
I wanted to try putting something over the star, and quilt something else in the blocks - but Like borders?
Below - is what I came up with.

This is another quilt that Connie made. Isn't it cool?   I knew I was going to quilt it with a Pantograph. I already had one set up from a client quilt and I knew it would work.... but..... Remember Ron?  The guy who puts an Americana Symbol in his Quilts of Valor ( he quilts for Meredith in AZ)

Look at me!!! I did it!!!   The only thing I wish I had done differently was to complete the box around the emblem... But I learned something. And it was FUN!!

For other Finished Fridays - head over to

PS... My other goal for summer... Tame the Scraps...
There are three more Fabric Listings in my Etsy Store... see if you need them for your projects!!