Sunday, June 15, 2014

Flag String Block

This is the block we used for the Big Blowout Block Drive. Apparently I removed the instructions ( oops) so I am reposting them here, and will also add this link to the Free Patterns Tab. Thanks for bringing it to my attention ( seriously - I need all the help I can get!)  I should mention the prize part of the block drive is over... but if you wish to make some of these - we will always take them ;)

Flag String Block:
Shown are two versions. The top one uses just one piece of blue, the second one uses strings to fill in the blue.

Step 1: Cut a 10 inch foundation block. Along the center line ( I eyeballed it) place a white string - right side up. I like to use 2 inch center strings. 
 Step 2: Add a blue strip to the top edge of the white one, pretty side down - and stitch along that edge.

Step 3: Press it up
 Steps: 4 and 5 - add more Blues - and press them up.

Step 6: Add a red strip ( the picture shows it right side up - DISREGARD -) place it ugly side up, and stitch - then Flip it up and press.

Continue in this manner alternating Red then White then red then white, until the foundation is covered.  It doesn't matter if you end with red or white.... whatever fits on there.

Then take your 9 1/2 inch square ruler. On mine there is a diagonal line - I placed that line right between the first red and white stripe, and then trimmed it.
 Here is a close up of what I did. But remember - the beauty of string blocks is nothing has to be perfect until the final trim.
 An even better close up.

For the block with one large Blue piece it is the same process, except you will only be sewing the blue side once.

The final block will be 9 1/2 inches square:

This Block Drive WAS sponsored by:  Our block drive is now over..... but these were the wonderful sponsors of it - Awesome companies!!

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Terri said...

I didn't know the drive was still on... That's good news. Once I'm done with the deadlines I'll make up a few more.

gibbygoo56 said...

I love it! I think a lovely table topper could emerge from this precious block.

Amy said...

I love this block! thanks. I have not seen you in forever! I am making lap quilts for the local VA center in Houston Texas now... with the American Legion Auxiliary. keep up your good work.