Sunday, December 31, 2006

Aunt Nancys Quilt

Last year at a quilt retreat I started this Sew Many Pieces quilt. I knew I was going to make it for my Aunt Nancy so emailed her and asked her for her favorite colors. Purple was in the list ( shew - I could find purple!) It turned out to be just smaller than a twin - but perfect for her couch. I finished it in October - I was sooo ahead of the game, and then forgot to mail it till December 11th... oh well. She did get it in time for Christmas.

I quilted it with light lavender thread. This is my Cousin Julie and the Quilt.

And then of course here is a small pic of the whole thing.

Happy New Year!!

Friday, December 29, 2006

Moms Christmas Quilt

I made my Mom ( A breast Cancer survivor) a quilt using the Heaven Can wait fabric line. It turned out pretty neat. I used the Turning 20 Again Pattern by Tricia Cribbs, and Quilted it with a Hodge Podge All over. I even got it bound before I gave it to her. She took a picture at her house.

We had a very white Christmas this year, and today are getting some more White. Should be cold for a while - which is good - I have 3 rows done on my Stack n Whack - my goal is to get it done by Sunday - wish me luck

Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Blizzard of 2006

Or so they are calling it! We have gotten a lot of snow - but it is hard to tell what is new and what has been blown in. The south side of our house is almost impossible to get to. But I took a few pics from the west side looking out. My car almost totally dissappeared - its nuts. The drifts are as high as 6 feet in some places - one is 10 foot tall on the south.

Getting to the barn and the horse corrals was quite a work out! I think I burned enough calories to get carmel corn tonite - and maybe a fruity tropical adult beverage ( lol).

Anyways here are a few pictures - they are taken from inside as I don't like the blowing wind !
This first one here is from the beginning - they said it would snow and this is about 30 minutes after it started.

This one is of my buried car and the garden - this drift is 6 foot high and there is no place to go around it. The trampline is to the left and it is missing too!!!

Hope everyone else is staying warm!!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas is almost here!

My littlest boy thinks that if he could just open one present it would be cool. My Middle son can't wait for all the Christmas parties, and my oldest wishes there was no more homework. They really make me laugh. We finally got all the presents mailed off to one family. We got our Candy Cane families present delivered - imagine the surprise on that Moms face. She didn't know we were coming, and we arrived with two huge trash bags full of presents for her kids. She cried - It was wonderful for my boys to see how lucky we really are.

Today very early was an orthodontist appointement, then I am finishing up the last Christmas Customer Quilt. It is Beautiful, and very detailed.

Schools out on Thursday and we can't wait!!! We went to the zoo in October ( the picture) and the boys are ready to go again over break - so we are trying to plan that.

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Colbys First Quilt

My littlest guy was looking thru one of the library books we checked out - Kids Can Quilt - and found a small Blankey that he thought would be perfect for his stuffed horse Wilbur. So we went downstairs and chose some fabrics, came upstairs and started working.

He had a great time, he wrapped his horse in the blankey and promptly declared his duck needed one. Lucky for me it was time for dinner so he will have to make that one another day.

This is him in his jammies with his new quilt that he made on his lap. Wilbur is the brown thing ;-)

Friday, December 08, 2006

Another Quilt of Valor

Another Quilt of Valor has been sent out! This one was Made by Kim and Quilted by Alycia ( me) It is a Stack n Whack Quilt in cool florals. It went to Walter Reed in DC.

I liked this quilt so much that I took a class at the LQS - Quilters Stash - to learn how to make it. As of today I have all of my pinwheel blocks done, and about half of them are ready to set.

My sons ( 2 of the 3) have started Basketball . One has already started games and so it slows my sewing time down. But thats okay - I love watching them play.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Decembers first post

We had such a great Thanksgiving. We got to go to the in-laws in Northern Wyoming, and of course have fun, eat well, and find the quilt shop in the area! On Tuesday I met with the 5th grade teachers and we came up with a plan to start making Quilt of Valor. So many wonderful ladies from my Stashbuster group graciously sent us fabric.

On Thursday I made it to the local womens shelter with 5 little quilts and was able to give them to them for the kids. It was a wonderful feeling.

Then Friday I woke up with the flu - yuck!

This quilt is a breast cancer quilt that the local Quilt shop - Quilters Stash made and I quilted up for them. It was really a neat quilt and will be auctioned on ebay in January I think.