Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Blizzard of 2006

Or so they are calling it! We have gotten a lot of snow - but it is hard to tell what is new and what has been blown in. The south side of our house is almost impossible to get to. But I took a few pics from the west side looking out. My car almost totally dissappeared - its nuts. The drifts are as high as 6 feet in some places - one is 10 foot tall on the south.

Getting to the barn and the horse corrals was quite a work out! I think I burned enough calories to get carmel corn tonite - and maybe a fruity tropical adult beverage ( lol).

Anyways here are a few pictures - they are taken from inside as I don't like the blowing wind !
This first one here is from the beginning - they said it would snow and this is about 30 minutes after it started.

This one is of my buried car and the garden - this drift is 6 foot high and there is no place to go around it. The trampline is to the left and it is missing too!!!

Hope everyone else is staying warm!!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like heaven to me LOL. We're sweltering here in Oz!