Saturday, August 31, 2013

It's that season

... I need a catchier title - but I just can't come up with one. It is roping season in the summer!  My nephew is doing High School rodeo, Wrangler Man has been on the "tour"  ( just kidding - he has been in a few select rodeos)  and my youngest is 'in training'... so we spend a LOT of time outside.

for me - it is a great time to photograph. I love working on different angles, I don't love the dust.....

I was safe.... but that was cool to have the calf come right at me.
Maybe he thought he could sit in my lap? 

My nephew (top and bottom)
His dad was working the chute - which was nice.
I did it the next night.
My arm was sore.

Seriously Swoon worthy.

Someday I will have to tell you the story of this mare .
How she came to live with us.
and what I had to do.

See the dust?   Ya - that's not the fun part.... 

My other nephew.

Little Bit says you have seen enough of him lately, so gladly gave over the spotlight to his cousins.

Hope you all have a great day!!

Friday, August 30, 2013

August's Quilt of Valor

I am finishing this one just under the wire. My goal was to do one a month this year -shew - some months go faster than others!!!

Without Further Ado - Here it is - as done as I will get it. My wonderful quilting buddies will bind it for me!!

Most of the string blocks have signatures in them - little well wishes and hellos!

All of the star blocks have a signature in them too!
Enjoy your 3 day weekend!!1 I know I am looking forward to it.
I have a ton of blocks to keep playing with - from our Big Blowout Block Drive!!

Make sure you check it out - there are TONS of prizes - including one from Waterpik!!! All quilters NEED this one - I promise!!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Quilts of Valor show - sponsored by Waterpik

Waterpik has sponsored our BIG BLOWOUT BLOCK DRIVE - with an AWESOME shower-head!!! And I have to tell you, from personal experience..... after sewing all day, and quilting.... this is a WONDERFUL way to relax tense muscles!!!

As of this morning - here is the list of blocks received this week:

Ruth C from GA
Joan K in CO
Sandi C in IA
Terri J in CA
Karyl D in IA

Linda F in AZ
Julie S in KS
Sally T in VA
Joanna P in MA

They are starting to fill the design wall...... LOVE it!!  (can you see your blocks?)

And Now - A word from our sponsor:
Waterpik ASE-833

It’s easier than ever to transform your everyday shower into your own private spa with the Waterpik® Rainfall+ PowerSpray shower head.

This sleek looking shower is packed with features. Its dual arms position the large 8” face directly overhead.   It has 8 different spray settings to choose from.   Try the massage for tired muscles or the pulsating rain for a truly relaxing experience.  For your everyday shower try the drenching rainfall and the powerspray which will rinse shampoo from the thickest hair in a jiffy.   You can try one of the 3 combination sprays too.  There is even a water-saving-trickle that allows you to reduce the flow to a trickle while you lather, shave or shampoo.  You can keep your water at the right temperature and save water until you are ready to rinse. 

 Best of all, choosing each experience is easier than ever with the easy turn spray dial located at the base of the arms where it is easy to reach and easy to turn.   

Installation?  Well no plumber is needed here.  The product is so easy to install that anyone…yes even you…can install it in just a few minutes.  It comes with an installation wrench included with the easy instructions. 

This showerhead typically retails for $99.99.  However, it is available for a limited time at Costco Wholesale at a HUGE discount.  Give it a try.  You’ll be glad you did.  Or simply enter Alycia’s block contest and take one home for free.  A luxurious spa experience awaits you.  

If you want to check out other types of showerheads check out

**** Remember - for every 5 blocks you send in you get one entry in the drawing for all of these wonderful prizes!! Be sure to check out and thank them for their support of our project!*******

One more wall of blocks - This is SO much fun!!

Monday, August 26, 2013


I am almost grateful that it's Monday - the weekend was so crazy busy, I need a moment......

I'll start with Sunday afternoon.... we met for our monthly QOV sew day - and oh boy --  we had three people cutting fabric, one (me) cutting foundations, and 7 sewing blocks and binding and keeping us on track....

I think ( think, because I can't remember) that we had 8 quilts bound.,,, and a lot of blocks made...

Little bit was with me, so he was our design wall manager.... here is what he came up with.

Not too shabby for an afternoon right?  And all that after we had been in Estes Park for the morning.... more on that later ;-)

For other design walls head to

And for this block pattern and the BIG BLOWOUT prizes:

Friday, August 23, 2013

Back in the Groove

Apparently my children are not the only ones growing.... one of my dear Clients Granddaughters - is moving up to a big bed!!! So she made this adorable quilt for her.

 The appliques are so darn adorable - and!!!! There was a ladybug!!!  I loved it!

She wanted it really fluffy and cuddly, so we used Quilter's Dream Dream Puff Batting - and did a meander through the stripes.

And then, oh my, and then - I got to play in the applique section. I twirled, and whirled, and feathered, and had a grand ol' time.

and I listened to Josh Groban SO LOUD!!!! the UPS man heard it when he drove up.... but it wasn't bothering anyone!!!
Oh - the back...  I love love love the texture!!!  This was such a fun quilt!!

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ch Ch Ch Ch....Changes

Oh man - are there changes happening.... it's just plain crazy!!!

You all know my oldest headed off to college.... which is truly weird........ truly.....

And... the other two - have gone back to school. Maybe you didn't know this - but for the last three years we have done a home/online school option. So I have taught 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th grades.....  and this year, I don't have to teach. It felt very weird not brushing up on Algebra II ( I have algebra 1 and geometry already done!!)

Wednesday was the first day of school for the kiddos, and what a change. We had to get in the car at the appropriate time, and get to a specified location at the correct time. Not that we were lazy schooling here... No! I am a very driven person, much to my children's dismay.

We were,however, a little more flexible when it came time to ride horses, help our uncle with chores, and go hunting with our dogs.  That will change. Sadly. 

Oh! and the paperwork!!!  Both kids came home with a backpack full of papers to fill out, sign, and return. Not bad stuff, just a LOT!!! They each have more than one teacher now. I just used my MOM card - and that worked well.

So now, I am back to work full time. And my first day - rocked!!!!  I got to quilt almost all day, and then I worked on getting photos ready from a family session. I LOVED it!!!

Between Quilting and Photography - I am just going to be a happy camper all day long!!! Two things I love the most!

I think though, every once in a while I may get lonely. I got really used to having them around, and hanging out with these goofballs. I love them. They are really wonderful kids ( even though they are not so good at keeping their rooms clean).

And.... one of them is way taller than me, and the other is catching up WAY to quick!!!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

8/20 Quilt of Valor Show!

I hope you all are enjoying sewing your blocks for the Big Blowout Block Drive!!   Some have already started coming it!!! Do you want to see them?

I hope you do - cuz here they are!

The first five are from Shirley in Oklahoma....

This one is from Doriann in MO

And these two are from Nannette in TX.   I decided not to use last names, for safety - what do you think?
Now - some Cool Quilts! These will be heading to the PTSD program that Quilts of Valor supports. They are excited for them.

These were made by the Quilt of Valor group in Fremont Quilts of Valor - headed up by Cathy.

 I loved this block - I thought you could use scraps for this block so very well!

Don't forget to check out all of our sponsors for the Big Blowout Block Drive - and you can get in on it as well. Next week we will hear from one of our sponsors - so be sure to come back!!

Vicki Welsh Hand Dyes:
Clothworks  :
Superior Threads:
KimmyQuilt – Kim Brunner:
Waterpik :
Quilters Dream Batting : :
Patchwork Times:

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tales from the Pig - the Final Edition

Day 2 at the fair.....

First off, this pig show thing is quite tiring for a pig like me! I am used to hanging with the horses, having my quiet time, resting in the shade.... this fair building keeps me from my beauty sleep. We pigs we make a LOT of noise.

It sure was fun to meet other pigs though.

Check out my Farmer Boy:
I am glad I had my own pen, I don't think I could have curled up like that.  Show day saw us showing once in the morning, and having 2 more in the afternoon.

This is A - She and her dad were the Breeders that own my Momma... that's not my Momma though....

Here I am - I am so cool - right???  This show was with pigs the same weight as me. We are all different breeds. Please don't ask me what the breeds are.... one of them looked like oreos.... yummmmm

I tried to stand out.... or maybe run away. There was just SO much to see!

 And then it was time for a break. I got a little snack, a little water, and little spritzing... I was a SuperStar!

Then - we were back in the ring.... look - a buddy!! I think she tried to kiss me - Blech!!

There's my girl again!!!  This was her last year in 4-H, and she won all sorts of stuff - she rocked it!

I have to tell you, I think Farmer Boy was a little overwhelmed with all of the pigs. He kept losing me, or maybe I was losing him. It was pure crazyness and denim from my level.....

Tada - there is Farmer Boy with our awards.  We won 8th and 4th place. It was really fun.
And now - like this little piggy..... I am off to market..... Thanks for following me.  Love, Pig