Friday, August 30, 2013

August's Quilt of Valor

I am finishing this one just under the wire. My goal was to do one a month this year -shew - some months go faster than others!!!

Without Further Ado - Here it is - as done as I will get it. My wonderful quilting buddies will bind it for me!!

Most of the string blocks have signatures in them - little well wishes and hellos!

All of the star blocks have a signature in them too!
Enjoy your 3 day weekend!!1 I know I am looking forward to it.
I have a ton of blocks to keep playing with - from our Big Blowout Block Drive!!

Make sure you check it out - there are TONS of prizes - including one from Waterpik!!! All quilters NEED this one - I promise!!


Terri said...

Beautiful quilt, Alycia... love the embedded stars.

LynneP said...

Love the random placement of the stars...a little surprise for the eyes!

Julia Graber said...

Those string quilts are so fast and fun to make. And yours is very special and unique.

Kate said...

Love those friendship star blocks with the string blocks, very unique.