Monday, August 05, 2013

Slow and Steady wins the race right???

I have to be honest - I love Summer.... but sometimes I lose track of the days! if it wasn't for Judy's Design Wall Monday - I might be lost!

My goal was to finish at least 3 stars this last week - not much... but I needed a push! And I finished 5!!!

I kind of ran out of the cream plaid I was using - so I found another cream plaid - and kept on going. I hope they will all blend when finished ;-)

The reason I am slow as a snail?  Children.....

Our Cross Country team hosts a 5K as a fundraiser - so 1 child worked it, 2 children and a husband ran it, and I decided to be the picture person. ( I torked my back ugh!!!)

Green shorts is my Little bit, Blue Bluth Shirt - Wrangler man ( swoon)

Here is my oldest - his goal was to push the biker... it was fun to watch!!

A finish!!! He was so tickled to be the first in!!!

Although the morning started out nice.... the evening turned out a little differently.

From our front window we watched some clouds roll in. We were thinking - oh - cool...and then our phones started buzzing, and we got a reverse 911.... and we loaded up the dogs, the legos, the computer - and the kids headed down to the basement!

I took a few more pictures - cuz you know.... I am dumb....

Then when the weather guy said that the tornados were embedded in the storm front, and the storm front was kind of - right here.... I went down to the basement too!
and then - it was over It rained for about 30 minutes, and we had puddles ( impressive in sand country) and that was that! We were fine.... but other areas got hail and damage. I was sad for them.

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Terri said...

Congratulations on a first place in the running race to your son, and to you for going beyond your expectations! Your stars are lovely and coming along quite nicely. You can make the new fabric fit better if you mix it around in with the previous blocks... and tell everyone that it's a scrappy look you were going for.

Missy Shay said...

Praise the Lord you did not get a tornado, but the clouds were cool looking!

Nancy said...

Your quilt will be stunning when finished! Gorgeous.

Sherrill said...

Ooo, those cloud pix are pretty! We always have people around here that actually video the tornado. that's dumb. What the heck is that guy wearing behind wrangler man (the leopard print tight thingys?!!).

Dar said...

You made great progress on your stars this week. Keep this up and it will be finished in no time.!

Mary said...

Looks like you are about halfway done now. I like the cream colored stars. Scrappy is good.

Kate said...

Your stars are looking good.

It's been a weird August, with thunderstorms being the rule and not the exception. Glad you were spared the worst of the storm.