Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Oh I am SO excited!!!!

Starting today until October 31st - Colorado Quilts of Valor is hosting a HUGE!!  Block drive!!!   There are so many awesome sponsors and prizes - you will definitely want to get in on this!! I promise!!

First off - the details!

There are 2 different blocks that we will be collecting.

 If you love strings and randomness - this one is for you! If you have always wanted to try a string block NOW! is the time.

The instructions can be found here:

This one will be great for all your strings and I think it is a great effect this way.  (by the way - this is my idea, so they are my instructions - be nice to me *grin*)

This one is a fun block too. I thought the colorway- Blue and Yellow would look great in any veterans room, and would brighten the day.

The Instructions for this block can be found here:


Here is the list of sponsors:

Vicki Welsh Hand Dyes:  

Clothworks  :                          
3 -  2.5” strip rolls in rainbow colors from our Impressions Moire basics collection

Superior Threads:    
 2  - $25 gift Certificates

3 - Online Craftsy Classes

KimmyQuilt – Kim Brunner:
1 - Twirly Whirly Feathers DVD and Workbook!!

Waterpik :
1 - ASE-833 model Showerhead

1 - Waterpik Complete Care  System

Quilters Dream Batting :
1 package of 3 Twin Size Batts
1 package of 2 Twin Size Batts :
1 - $50 gift certificate for quilting your quilt

Patchworktimes :
1 - 60 pieced Quilt Borders Book

Each week you will hear more from a sponsor and more details about the prize they are offering - but for the moment - check next to each sponsor to see the prize!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!

That's 16 different PRIZES  - Oh Boy !!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!

Third - How To win!!!

For every 5 blocks that you send in you will be entered to win one of these great prizes!!  This means if you send in 20 - you will receive 4 chances, 60 - you will receive 12 chances.

Blocks can be submitted any time before October 30th.. ALL blocks need to be here by the 30th of October. And all entries will be thrown in the hat . A drawing will take place on November 8, 2013 and winners will be notified. They will also be posted here!

When you Submit your blocks please make sure you include your email address WITH THE BLOCKS - so that I can notify you if you have won!!

Fourth - Please share this with all your quilting friends.... you all rock!!!

Fifth - Here is the address to send the Blocks to:

Alycia Quilts
PO BOX 233
Kersey CO 80644


TLC said...

I have a friend coming by to retreat today. Think I know what we will be working on now. ;-) My WaterPik battery looses it's charge every 6 months. I need a new one now. How's that adorable pig doing?

Kat Scribner said...

Oh my, what a great list of prizes! We know I love string blocks! Just love them. I love looking at them and I love making them. But the biggest reward is for the veterans.

Kevin the Quilter said...

FUN! Count me in!

Lori said...

great incentives Alycia! I look forward to seeing everyone blocks. A big thank you to all the price sponsors.

Janice said...

Just to make sure. Is the foundation fabric or paper? If fabric, what do we use...muslin or...?

Janice S. in TN
quiltnstn723 (at) gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity... who will be setting the blocks together to make the quilt tops, quilting them, etc.?

Anonymous said...

I think the block drive is a great idea. I am hoping to make some blocks. Thanks for all you do.
Diane in Alaska

ajohanneso07 said...

I have a red, white and blue quilt top made in the Warm Wishes pattern. I'm unable to finish the quilt. Could you use it? I think it is twin sized.

Bonnie said...

Wonderful opportunity Alycia. I'll post it on my blog in the next week or so. Perhaps Monday to catch the Design Wall Monday crowd. Great list of prizes too. You've been very busy!

Sharon said...

My, what great gifts those are! I think this is a wonderful idea and I really want to try and help out this time. Thank you for all you do.

Unknown said...

Oh wow, this is awesome! I love the block drives without the prizes, but you've outdone yourself getting sponsors this time - wowie kazowie!

Time to dig into my stash!

shirley said...

I'm in....i love string blocks. i also love selvages. can i make selvage string blocks? still will be red, white and blue, of course.

Churn Dash said...

Is there an easy link to post this block drive to Facebook?

I might be able to get the word out to some of my quilting friends ; )

Anonymous said...

I am well on my way making string blocks. This is so fun and thanks for the great idea and drive.
I have a three drawer plastic unit that I was not using. So I made a white scrap drawer, red scrap drawer, and blue scrap drawer. Keeps it all together and easier to look through. Just thought I would pass that along.
Diane in Alaska

Dar said...

You know I am totally immersed in QOV for our Eastern MO group, but I will be making some blocks for your group too. Thanks for the easy instructions. I love making string blocks too.

Quilting Revolution said...

Cool! Finally something to use my patriotic fabric for with an added incentive! Count me in! Posted it on my Facebook page and will do a blog post for you too! :-)

Kate said...

Fun blocks! I've never tried string blocks, but I'll try to find some time to make at least 5.

Sue Daurio said...

I don't have blocks and not sure I can get them done by the deadline, but I do have 3 quilts that I would like to donate. I've had them ready to go and haven't been to the local quilt guild to drop them off. It might be easier for me just to ship them to you. Can you send me an email with your address? I love what you do for the vets and those returning from overseas.