Monday, August 12, 2013

Center of the top - sort of

Here is a snapshot of what is up on my design wall... and I can almost guarantee - that's what will still be there next week. It has been a wild and crazy week.... and this next week.....may be crazier.

I actually *almost* wished for.... a... Schedule   *gasp*

What do you think?

I had to do a little grocery shopping - and look what I found! I have not baked them yet - but the raw dough - yummy!!!!
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Rhonda said...

Love the blocks on your DW.

Kevin the Quilter said...

Is that a light yellow or a lighter neutral you used on the stars and 4 patches? Whatever it is, I LIKE it! It's gonna be a great quilt. Cookies? Did someone say cookies?????

Terri said...

I don't know how yummy the cookies are, but that quilt surely is! Love the red highway, and the stars! Good Job!

Sue in Scottsdale, AZ said...

Love the blocks on your design wall but it looks like something isn't quite right in the lower right corner. I think you need another star block.

Annie said...

The lower right corner looks strange. It really needs a star block! Raw cookie dough should not be eaten! It could make you sick!

Karen said...

I like the asemetrical look with the extra paths in the corner. Not so matchy-matchy boring.

Anything can make you sick - but after 60+ years of eating raw cookie dough, that's not one of them. The company is just worried about a law suit. One person gets sick and the world has to stop doing something.