Thursday, June 30, 2016

Cooking ( again)

You may remember.... I know, sometimes even I don't remember, but way back in April I decided to cook - yep! me - Cook!!  I made a lot of Freezer meals.

I thought I would update you on the success of this plan.....

It was....

Successful !!

And then I got smart - I decided to cook 1 day a week, and each time I cooked I would make 4-5 meals of the same thing!  Oh my - you all- I feel like Judy at Patchwork Times... Food just magically appeared . ( seriously - that lady - she says "Oh I want BBQ beef - and then Bam! She shows us what she made - my boys are moving in with her!!)

One week I made a Lasagna, and Bam! there were 4 in my freezer.

All this to share this recipe with you!  Are you ready....
It is Broccoli Beef in the Slow Cooker - and It! Was! A ! Win!!!

I cooked one, and froze 3 more for later. However - Wrangler Man thinks later should be tonight.

And now - since I spend less time in the kitchen... Look what I did make:

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies
(PS - there are significantly less now )

This is proof , and documentation of cooking - yep - I cooked again!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Quilts of Valor 2016 - June

This last weekend was our QOV sew day - Oh what fun - I love sewing with my peeps!!

Here is some QOV inspirations for you!!

This is a top that was created by Bob from some MQX blocks and a few orphans - pretty unique!
It was quilted by Juliet in Castlerock

Made by Becky and Ellen
Quilted by Montika in KS
I really like the eagle in the center
Did you know that we have a few Eagles here?

This one is also for our Female Vets!
Jan R in CA Made it.
She lives near the beach and someday I am going to just show up on her doorstep!

This one was made by Judy V
in THornton
It is SO cool!!!!

And another by Judy V
Cool isn't it?

The next two photos
( appear to be upside down, but when I reload them - they show up this way again...hmmm)
Are two that Liz T picked up from her quilters
Liz is our New Colorado State Coordinator!!
Whoot Whoot

She and I are sharing the job for this year
And holee!!  Cow!!! Is she fantastic!!

Hope you got a little inspiration here???

Friday, June 24, 2016

Cut & Shuffle - Finish #1

Are you ready to see ONE of the final quilts we made with all the Cut and Shuffle blocks?

We thought it might be fun to add stuff to it - and give me some crazy quilting space. so..... Here is ONE of the quilts!!  ( we will make more as the summer goes on!)

This was sort of out rough mock up - to see if we even liked the idea

And we did!!! So I stitched it together and:

This is it!  Iquilted the heads of an Eagle in each of the white blocks.
The corner triangles have Stars
and the Cut and Shuffle Blocks and a Star Wreath in them

It was fun and I like the Variation this one gave!

We still have more blocks to play with
So.... you haven't seen the last of me!

Ps - it will be bound in red by my faithful QOV binders
And will go to a Veteran!

Ha Ha!!

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Quilts of Valor 2016

Yay - I have photos!!

I love doing these shows. I love having the inspiration at my finger tips, and I love sharing with you all the incredible Quilts that are made for Quilts of Valor.  I always tell my friends and quilters - One quilt - is One more Veteran Touched by War "feeling the love"   .... so never feel overshadowed by those who can make more than one.... okay??

Last week , or the week before - I can't quite remember
I headed out to the Colorado Springs Quilt Guild and spoke
They didn't kick me out, and no one fell asleep - so it must have been ok

It was fun seeing all my quilts on one table though - that did make me happy!

One of the Guild members - Jeannie - handed me this quilt for QOV
Isn't it fantastic?
It was pieced by Jeannie, Quilted by Regina, andbound by Peggy!

This one is from Judy V in Thornton
It is Star and Stripes
Pattern found here:

This one is blocks from my quilt guild
Put together and quilted by Rosalie
Pattern found here

This one was made and quilted by Phyllis M from Colorado Springs
So Gorgeous!

Next we have a pretty Purple and Green quilt
Pieced by Mary H and quilted by Shirley

We make Quilts of Valor for a Womens PTSD Retreat that occurs here once a year
and this quilt will be headed towards those women.
They LOVE the girly colors

( please - I don't need more girly quilts though, 
we have awesome quilters who have made sure we have enough for 2016)

Hope that gives you a little inspiration?

If you like Mysteries - Clue 2 will be going live on Friday over at:

We would love to have you!
Here is Clue 1 ( the one I am making)

Monday, June 20, 2016

Berthoud Outdoor Quilt show

On saturday there was an Outdoor Quilt show in Berthoud CO - so I dragged my husband, with the promise of a Rootbeer Float from A&W, and we headed over!

This one was made by my fellow Quilter Sharon
its so cool!

Nice modern Twist eh>

I think she called the one above - a Wonky Irish Chain
The man next to me said maybe she was drinking Irish Coffee when she was quilting
That got a lot of laughs
But now I want to make one!!

And of course

There weren't as many quilts as I remember from the last time I went ( about 9 years ago), so that was sad to me - since it is a great location. I put it on my calendar for next year, Maybe I can convince all my quilty friends to put a quilt in???

Friday, June 17, 2016

Cut and Shuffle Quilt in Process

Summer is here.... it is hot.....

Funny Story - I could sort of smell gas - like propane - but I wasn't really 100% sure, so I called the Gas Company. One of our heaters (the upstairs one) has a gas leak. So we shut it down. Which is not much of a problem - but it is also the way the AC gets into the house.... so no AC until it gets fixed.

Then my son got sick, then his mom caught it... and now - we are on the mend, and I have lists..... lots of lists of things to do- because when one sits on the couch - what can they do to feel productive?

Make lists!!

I did play around with my Cut and Shuffle Blocks - and think I might have a plan...

Here are some of the photos:

This is the way the book says to lay it out - and we do like that a lot!

Then I thought - what is I put all the same kind together?
I like that too - but I would have to make more.....

Then Little Bit had another idea....
So we tried that....

And then - we settled on one that we really really loved.....

You will have to come back next week to see that one though....
Photos are in process.....

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Monday, June 13, 2016

Cut and Shuffle Quilt

Today I am back to my Cut and Shuffle Project -

This is a really fun one - out of a book ( called Cut and Shuffle Quilts)   by Jan Octherbeck - who blogs at The colorful Fabriholic

I started these, decided I needed more, played around a bit , got sidetracked - and today!

Decisions have been made, tables cleared off , and the Stitching has started!!

A few more blocks need to be finished - and then it is on to my design wall!!!

Watch out world - a UFO may get finished this month!!!

Whoot Whoot!!!

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Friday, June 10, 2016

The Butterfly Quilt

This is one I started at our Quilt Retreat last year. It was such a fun easy one to do - and I found the pattern online for free....Here  It is called Strip Tango

And now!! It is all finished!!

I had some random Fat Quarters that I thought Looked ok together

I quilted little Butterflies all over it

The magazine Drape
(still working on that concept - ha ha)

And Ta-da!! The finish!!!!   It will of course, be listed in my Etsy Store - so if you know anyone looking for something like this - pass them on!  Alycia Quiltygirl Etsy Store

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Thursday, June 09, 2016

Quilting Glimpses

Some Glimpses of some of the Client Quilts I have been quilting on:

Stars from a Patriotic Quilt

Baptist Fans on an Allietare
( can't wait to show you the whole thing)

Puppy Prints on a Memory Quilt

Oh it has just been so fun!!
I take all these photos - and sometimes just feel the need to share!

I do share on my Quiltygirl Facebook page
If you care to follow me there!

Also - Mystery Quilt - 
Fabric info comes out tomorrow - but you have to join in the yahoo group!!

Go join the group 
It will be fun!!

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Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Quilts of Valor 2016

It's a small show this week - But I love showing off what we make for Quilts of Valor - so I hope you will be inspired anyways!!!

Isn't this one fun?  At first we were thinking it should be a back -  but then we decided it was a more Modern Type Quilt.  Still needs to be Quilted but I thought it was fun

This one was a fun way to use a bunch of Half Square blocks - so unique!!

This one is quilted - it is another of our Lasagna Quilts ( Atkison Designs)  and was made by Ethel Quilted by Me

We didn't have a sew day in May due to Memorial Day and Graduations - I'm looking forward to June's Sew Day!!!

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Tuesday, June 07, 2016

The Road less Traveled

Stay off the Roads near me:


Most ranch kids already know the driving part - but the driving in traffic part.... interesting....

We hit the less traveled roads -

And you know me well.... what did I bring.... My Camera!!

My Artsy Fartsy Shot..... 

And my Relief - we made it home shot.....

Watch out World 
I am unleashing another one!

Monday, June 06, 2016

An Awesome Client Quilt

Do you ever notice how there are kind of seasons of your life?

My job ( and my dream job at that) is being a Machine Quilter for hire!  I LOVE it, and I also love piecing.  This time of year though the weather - oh lawsy the weather drives me outside.

Seriously - the best of both worlds at this time. I get to Quilt on my Client quilts during my day job, and head outside for the rest of the time!  So.... the piecing slows down.

This is a Client Quilt I had the Privilege of quilting on - and then... I had to give it back!!

Is that not a gorgeous quilt???  The graduated colors are just amazing!

And the stars - they just pop with the black on them

I did a lot of ruler work - but it was a lot of fun, and I like the way it highlighted the stars

I should have taken a close up of the stars - they have pretty simple quilting in them, but it totally fit in with the theme.

Need a Quilt Quilted.... Let me know .... I LOVE my job!!!

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