Monday, April 30, 2018

May's One Monthly Goal ( um er pile.....)

I know - its not exactly May yet - but that;s where we are headed - so I am cutting a corner or two.

This is my May's One Monthly Goal

It's a stack of indeterminate size  and number and needs to be bound. and if you see Halloween fabrics in said pile... turn away... I did not miss a deadline.... ever... sorta....

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Friday, April 27, 2018

The Teal Brick Road ( an OMG)

I so appreciated all of the feedback!!! I was so tickled to get ideas, and it sorta turned my brain back on!!  So!! The one that really caught my attention was Weedy Mama - she said Hot Pink... and my brain went *whaaaat???*

An I had Hot Pink in my stash!! and!!! I even knew where it was .... sorta.... or at least the general area of it....

and so.....

My Teal Brick Road is Topped!!!

On to find a backing and get it quilted - but the goal was to Top it!! so yay!!  We can happy dance now!

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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

A few Quilts of Valor

I have been so crazy busy photographing all sorts of sports, quilt meetings, families - that I have sorta forgot to take Quilt of Valor pics!!!  I need to get on that!

So here is the Inspiration I have for you today!!

This beauty was made by Kathy and quilted by Connie
Below is the back on it - 
I LOVE it!!

This is Big Star Country
Made by Dee A
The pattern was a mystery
( written by me)

and I posted this on Facebook
it made me laugh 
and I think it might just be the story of my life

Hope you all are staying busy and having fun?

Monday, April 23, 2018

Heading down the Teal Brick Road

I am at a loss for a name other than April One Monthly Goal.... but it is made from the pattern by Atkinson Designs called Yellow brick Road.... but I see teal.... so... There you go - and that was even with caffeine.... *sigh*

This is my Original Fabrics pull

And here I am - All cut up

And TA -DA

It is a top - 
A top that needs Borders

At this point I am thinking a Small grey border
with a larger teal border

Since that is the fabric I can find in my stash.....
they have these things called * quilt shops*
and maybe....
just maybe....
they have something better??


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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Quilt of Valor

Our group made this quilt .

One of us might have a HUGE stack of 5 inch squares - and so she is forcing her fellow QOV stitchers to help her use them up!!  Yep! Meany that she is.

So one of our Sew days We made Disappearing 9 patches .

Ms Deb took the Blocks home and Tada!!

She put this top together ( and one more) and I quilted it.  It is going back to the group to get it's binding.... cuz you know.... I want lots of people to put their love in it ;-)

Close up of the quilting:

Keep Stitchin'

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Monday, April 16, 2018

Progress on the Projects

Remember where I had Projects All over the Place?

Well..... after much wind and more wind, and then snow and wind.... I have made some progress!!

My leader ender project is now a top - and waiting its turn to be quilted.... I kinda needed it to be done - I needed my Design wall....

And.....  remember the plaid triangle pieces?  Those got stopped.... but that's okay - they were test pieces and I will be working on them this week...

What were they a test for?


Probably not the final layout, as I have a few more blocks to make - but I wanted to try it in those florals and solids , and so far I like it!  I may however, need to go back to the quilt shop for a *teeny little bit* more fabric!  ( right???)

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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Quilts of Valor from Sue and Mary

These two sisters are a tornado when it comes to Quilting.....

Check out these awesome Quilts of Valor from Sue and Mary!!

Quilts being Loved!!
These three women Combat Veterans
their Quilts of Valor!!

Monday, April 09, 2018

Projects all over the Place

I am sure a lot of you can relate..... 
There is a lot of colorful goodness going on around here.... are you ready???

First - my actual design wall... sort of a Leader Ender project - has been fast tracked...

I need my Design Wall back - so now I just need to add the top and bottom borders.....

and then - I wanted to try a Triangle quilt. I made some practice blocks, and now... I have a plan - I think I know where I am going. My Dear Lois and the ABC quilters send me some more plaids - and I am going to work them into this plan.... it will be great!

This is why I need my design wall back!   I have started in on my One Monthly Goal Quilt
and I like it so far!!!

BUT!!! Because we had a day to goof off.... we went hiking... cuz you know - we can ;-)  
This was our lunch spot - not a bad place at all!

This one is my Favorite - "take the road less traveled"  

Oh ! and.... I went into a quilt shop
Look what followed me home!!
Our local shop *sew Downtown* just moved into a larger location
and lawsy mercy - they added stuff....

It is now a danger zone 

In case any of you thought about stopping by this week:

Happy Stitching all!!

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Friday, April 06, 2018

Jelly Roll Waves is COMPLETE

My accidental version of Busy Hands Jelly Roll Wave Quilt pattern..... is......


And I really really really like it!!

I'm so excited too!!  We are going to use it as an auction Item for the fundraiser at our church. Our small church has outgrown its seams  ( he he - quilting reference) and we are raising money to make it bigger....

I hope the quilt helps a little.
and now ... my son wants me to make another one - oh boy -

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Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Wednesdays Quilt of Valor Show!!

I have a QOV sew group ( I know!!!!)  and we meet once a month and have a blast stitching away. Last month Bernie, Charlene and Diane brought the block to make, and had everything all cut out for us! We made 70 blocks - and.... somehow I ended up taking 35 of them home.....

and on the way home.... I had an Epiphany!!!

Okay - maybe just an idea.... so I came home and started playing, and took over another part of the house as I started laying this quilt out.....

The blocks they had us make were the half string blocks.... and I just kept seeing stars.... so - since we still had a bunch of strings left over... I made a few more blocks .....and it  became this  .... and now it is half way stitched together... having patience ... waiting for me to get back to it!!

Check out these almost finished quilts... they just need to be bound then we can wash them and get them ready for their Veterans

Quilted by Janna I

Quilted by Stefanie C

and lastly quilted by C Brown:

Monday, April 02, 2018

Aprils One Monthly Goal

and a little bit of QDD going on around here!!!

First Off Aprils One Monthly Goal
Remember the Yellow Brick Road pattern?  I am going to use that on this set of Fabrics:

My Goal - to get it into a top!

And then I have this going on - I am not sure I 100% like it, so it may change - but the tumblers have been my leader Ender project and it is growing.... sort of....

And!!! I might be quilting on something.... maybe... 

AND!!! I sorta took over the floor in a corner.... on something that I will have to show you Wednesday - cuz it's also QOV related ( like the panel quilt) but I have a Loooong story to tell, and my dog wants it off the floor!!

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