Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Quilts of Valor - Happy New Year - Almost 2015

Wow  - the Last QOV show of the year!!  And then I will have to start labeling 2016 - gulp!!!

So for all the 2015 shows - you can use this label to see them ;-)

This is a real easy Quilt show on me this week !  Al TEN!!!! of these quilts were made by the Interfaith Quilters in Longmont.  They are such a fantastic group - they meet and sew a LOT. Their sewing room is fantastic - AND!!! They bring lunch - so they really quilt a LONG time!!

Thank you Interfaith Quilters for you love and support and encouragement of Quilts of Valor

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

New Bird

We have a new bird - and he isn't quite accustomed to me yet.   I think the birds get used to my noise, and so I don't really bother them - but when I opened the door to shoot ( with a camera) this one - he barely held still and Boom! Was off in the air!

I think he is kinda pretty still!!


Monday, December 28, 2015

Monday Monday

I think this may be the last design wall Monday of 2015.... wow.....

I am working on my Bonnie Mystery slowly but surely.... For some reason I read the " clue won't be posted on Christmas" and I went - oh Yay! I'll have two weeks for the Clue 4.... and then Clue 5 came out of Saturday... and it was blizzarding - so I got a bit of stitching time in - and here is where I am:

ALL of Clue 4 is cut and patiently awaiting my sewing machine:

Some of the sets have been stitched and are awaiting their final seam:

And here are the ones I do have finished:

Along the way - I am always working on a leader Ender Project.   I found these pieces in a box, and stacked them up - and just kept working on them through 2015 - And here it is!

Oh first - I wanted to show you the in progress.... just to prove it didn't miraculously finish itself you know!

and ta- da!!!

Now to pick a new Leader Ender for 2016 

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Winter Solstice

The photo challenge last week was - "Winter Solstice" . The shot had to be made between midnight and midnight on the 22nd. If you know me, after 9 pm I am worthless.... so I determined to get up early to see what I could see.

Oh - and it was supposed to be a Straight out of the Camera ( sooc) shot.  No editing.

I had an hour in the morning before life roared to full speed and this is my favorite shot.

Then of course - I wanted to try Black and White as there is such a lack of color in this photo:

Have a great day!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Quilts of Valor - December 2015

We got snow last night!  More snow!! the old stuff still hadn't melted away , and now there is new snow - it is so pretty!!!

My whole family is home - no school, a few basketball practices- and it is crazy busy!  But!! We are having a great time - and I hope this is a good time of year for you too!!

Here we go:  Quilts of Valor - be ready to be inspired.... may the Force Awaken in you ( ok - cheesy - I know - but we saw Star Wars  lol)

This is an MQX block drive blocks - assembled by our greeley group 
Quilted by Betty B in UT

Also assembled by our Greeley Group
Quilted by Betty B in UT

Made by Kristi G
Quilted by Crystal 
the flag block is a free pattern 

Another yummy by Kristi G
Quilted by Crystal in Denver

 A third one from Kristi and Crystal

From the Wabi Sabi quilters in Boulder
Quilted by Kathy and Sue 

Pieced by Mary M in Greeley
Quilted by Connie in Loveland

From the Interfaith Quilters in Longmont

Pieced by Kathy P
Quilted by Connie

Pieced by Kathy P
Quilted by Connie

 And the last one for today 
Pieced and Quilted by Marsha our on the Eastern Plains

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Good Morning!!

It's the first day of Christmas break - and I had to get up early to take Little Bit to Basketball practice. It was a short enough practice that it made no sense to drive back home - so I read in the car.... with the heater on - its only 15 degrees out there...

Now I am back - and ready to show you all the progress on my Bonnie Mystery!

Clue 4:  This is where I stopped yesterday.  ( Saturday I got some time to work on it, Sunday - Star Wars beckoned)

So - it looks like I have a lot more cutting to do before I get to stitch.... But all my Wings are cut!

This was the result of my Clue 3  ( there are bars cut too - I just didn't get them in the photo)

And the results of my Clue 2  ( yay - I finally cut the right size cream. On a good note - the miscuts were great for the 4 patch clue - so I have no scraps left from my scraps YAY)

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Friday, December 18, 2015

A 9 Patch Finish

We have a wonderful quilter who loves to make 9 patches! She does such a great job, and is very prolific at them.... so I designed a quick and fun quilt to use a lot of her 9 patches.... and then I sorted them by color ..... and then I handed them off to a few other quilters.

This is one of the finished ones - Sharon pieced it and I quilted it!

Isn't that a fun quilt?
I think we will bind it in green as well

I tried out shapes 
Lots of shapes quilted on it!

And that is my Finished Friday!
Off to go see the next clue in the Bonnie Mystery!!

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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Sunny , Seventeen and Snowy

It might have been my kind of day yesterday - it was 17deg , Snowy, and very Sunny - I like Sunny - and I like Snow.... with no wind.... Wind - you can keep that!!

Want to see what I saw?

A tree....  I might have played with it in my Photo program - just to see if I could - I like it

What you don't see.... 
My horse!   
Cuz you know - White on white and all that.....

Of course, he sees you!

I came around a corner of a water tank
I needed to make sure that the Ice was still broken - and 
this is what I saw:

They were staring at me.... kinda made me laugh.

And they stayed looking at me!!
See the one on the left - 
that's a baby, she's not sure she likes me yet....

and then
I came back in and I was walking to my machine

Now who's looking at me!!!


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Quilts of Valor AND!! The snow day

Today is not a snow day - and if my kids didn't have finals - I think they would have been praying for another one.  But those finals are sort of important ( I guess ha ha)

Gypsy Quilter wanted a few snow photos - and I wasn't going to brave the elements ( I mean - really - that's what I had kids for ) But for her and Dolly.... I was on it!!

These are some of our horses - the snow was blowing and the wind was howling and they! didn't want to be in the barn!!!  The others were, as were all the cattle - and that made me laugh.

These must be the die hards

One of our hay barns and sheds
See the little grey thing there - well there is 2 - those are our brave cats
They lasted a little bit, then came in as well 
(they have their own barn)

and this - this is the door to the east side of my house.
Needless to say - I didn't open it.....

Now that you are sufficiently cold - let's look at some warm and yummy quilts!

This first one is made by Candi
Quilted by Sue and Kathy - all of colorado

The next two are Block Drive quilts
put together by the Greeley Group and quilted by Cheryl in AZ
( we needed the sun!!)

The star quilt below is made by Diana B of Parker
Quilted by Sue S

Next is an MQX block drive quilt - put together by Cowboy Bob
Quilted by Sue

Then we have a pink Strippy quilt
Pieced and quilted by Marsha G of Paoli CO

A great scrappy quilt made by Mary M
and quilted by her sister - Sue!

Another Cool one pieced by Mary
Quilted by Sue

This spinning Rail ( that's my name ha ha)
Pieced by the High Plains Heritage Quilters
Quilted by Sue

And this lovely Patriotic Quilt will round out today's show
It was pieced by Sue V
Quilted by Sue S

Hope you all stay warm ( or cool) today!!
I am off to finish up some last minute quilts for clients
and maybe.... if the snow stays - when the boys come home we will sled!