About Quiltygirl

Who Is Quiltygirl??

Have you ever tried to answer the question of who you are?  That's a tough one for me.....

I am an accidental quilter - who found her passion in Creating!

Prior to being a Quilter, I owned a Maternity Clothing Business - and we specialized in tall clothing (want to guess why?) I was the first online maternity store in 1995 - kinda cool after seeing how much the internet has grown.

As I pursued my Quilting passion I sold my Jake & Me business, and was able to concentrate fully on my Quilting Endeavors.

I offer Quilting Services on my Nolting Pro Longarm -
We have been friends for 19 years now ( 2004) - and we get along pretty well.... most days ;-)

I also offer T shirt Quilt Services. - Gather up your T's - and lets create a memory quilt today!!

I have found that I love designing too - And I write patterns. Most of them start as a Mystery Quilt for Quilts of Valor , and then I offer them for sale later.  Helps feed my Fabric Budget - you know how that is ....Quilt Patterns for Sale

( Right  - The Patriot, Left Flag String Block)

I love to make One of A Kind quilts, and fun quilts, and well - any kind of quilt. Some of them are even for Sale - to add to your collection, or re decorate your house....
 They are offered in my Etsy store

And Surprise! I am a photographer who is starting to dabble in making fabric with my photos - Its sorta fun!!

Check out my progress : Alycia Quilts Shop on Spoonflower

Thank you for reading this far!!

Contact me today and Lets Collaborate!!

Find me at all these places:

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