Saturday, February 28, 2009

Finished QOV's by Pat R

Pat R of Peyton CO sent me these lovely quilts! The Not So Top Secret Project quilt ( the red one) was made by Linda L of the Livermore Community Quilters. I sent it to Pat to quilt, and it multiplied to three quilts when it came back. Apparently this is what happens to my fabric stash too!

This Pinwheel quilt was made by Suzette H of Mesquite TX ( and sent to Pat for quilting and then on its way here! I love it. Check out the borders!

The Crazy Patch quilt was made by Pat, quilted by Pat and sent up here to! Thanks so much Pat - you did an awesome job quilting all these. I sure appreciate you!

Today was the Colorado Quilt Council Meeting. It is a state wide guild - and I became a member today. Our speaker was Karla Alexander of Saginaw Street Quilts. She was quite funny, and I understood her well! She talked about lifting quilts from your stash. I liked that - now to go DO it!!
Have a great evening! I received another box last night - so off to take more pictures and enjoy more quilts. Its rough I tell ya - really rough!! ( just joshing!)

Friday, February 27, 2009

They Do Exist!

Say that just like you are the M&M characters! Yesterday my own personal Automatic Food Makers showed up bearing dinner and Brownies! Yum, see I knew that food just appeared when I was a kid. And now I have the proof. Well I had the proof. Not much is left. I hid the brownie tray after we came back from my oldest sons Winter Concert. So as far as "they" know the brownies are gone. Yep! Thats my story and I am sticking to it.
My oldest plays the drums, and he was awesome last night. I will keep him! I sat very far away - so I am impressed that this photo came out somewhat acceptable.

Now - Quilts!!!
These Three quilts came from Pueblo CO. From The Pueblo West Quilters.

Charlene Made this one.

Sharon M Made this one. I swear it is a disappearing 9 patch quilt - but I could be wrong. (like that has never happened before)

And this last one was made by Jeannie R.
Thanks ladies for making these beauties. They are wonderful!!
Have a great day!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Good Morning!!

And it is a good one! We went to a basketball game last night. Colorado State vs Univ. of Wyoming. They are huge rivals - there are border wars , there are painted rocks, there are painted faces.... and Wrangler Man went to UW... and I went to ( drumroll please) CSU. So we have our own border war in our house. I think I won last nite - 3 were in Green(CSU) and 2 were in Brown ( UW). Although in the real game UW won.


And I am blessed to have lovely beautiful gorgeous quilts in my house. For a quilt show every day!

This quilt - I hope you can click on the picture and see it closer - is full of sweets that are good to eat! It is so cute, and the quilting. It has the Statue of Liberty, the Liberty Bell, and a Eagle. Thanks so much Fay in MA!!


The next one here is from Ethel in Greeley CO - She is a great quilter, and one of my Greeley Gals.... she can do it all - piece, quilt and bind! Thanks Ethel!!


Here is another beauty from one of my Greeley Gals. Both of them are in my guild - the Pieceable Friends Quilt guild. Thanks Gerrie!! And bless her heart - she had another local quilter quilt it up, although at the moment I am drawing a blank as to who it was. I really should write this stuff down!


And last but not least for this morning.... one from Billings MT! From Kay. Quite a while ago, I got to spend a lot of time in Billings. A wonderful western town. I really enjoyed my time there. Thanks Kay for the quilt and pillowcase!!

Hope you all are off to a good morning. We have had some really full days, and today is another one! My oldest son has a Gala tonite - he is a Drum player and tonite is the spring Performance!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Overwhelmed yet?

Are you just overwhelmed with these amazing quilts yet? I am not! But my UPS driver came twice today, and two Fed Ex drivers showed up. My dog was in heaven - he got to use all of his barking up for the day!! So... I am just gonna post until I drop ( sort of) .

This post's quilts all come from the Geneseo Quilters in Illinois. They have delivery angels that head out to CO every once in a while. And I met these two angels in the big whopping town of Wiggins... They were on there way to see the new grandbaby. I thought that was impressive that they had time to meet up with me, I know that babies ALWAYS take precedence. And yes - I do speak from experience. After my kids were born, no one asked about me, they just wanted to see the kids!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Finished Quilts

I told you that some wonderful Long Arm quilters volunteered to help out with the quilting of some of these tops. And I jumped at it... the more finished the merrier.... so let me show you what we have finished!!!


So - the top left quilt is a Stars And Bars quilt. You can find the pattern up in the right hand links. And you are welcome to make a quilt with the pattern if you'd like! This one was made by Audrey of the Livermore Quilters. The Blue and Teal one is made by Willa of the same group. Both of these were quilted by Sharon B. of Kansas.

- The next three quilts were quilted by Judy L of Oklahoma. The coins quilt was made by Deb in my Heartstrings group. The Not So Top Secret Project is also a pattern that is available in the right hand links/patterns part. It and the patriotic one were made by Marilyn in Ca ( )

Well - Goodness - I have even more to show you so maybe I will do it with another post. I mean really.... do you have anything else to do other that read my blog? Hope you all have a good one.

Quilts of Valor in the news!

The children at school decided they wanted the newspaper to come see what they were doing. So they wrote a letter to the Greeley Tribune. A reporter came out to the school on Friday, and watched us sew for 2 hours, and took a lot of pictures. The kids were very excited. Today this article came out in the paper.


Monday, February 23, 2009

From Pat in WI

Here are two more quilts from Pat in Wisconsin. I really like that Log Cabin. Each center is a different block! Thanks so much Pat... that is a total of nine from her this month. I am impressed!
Hope you all have a good day - I am still quilting the top I started Saturday.... so I really should get back to it, I am playing too much!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Betty from CO

Okay - I didn't get shot - but I sure got some funny emails. One of them ( more than one, actually) was about feeding my kids. Someone asked if I got three meals a day when I was a kid.... and if I did - why did I not remember how much kids eat? This really got me to thinking. I am sure I ate 3 times a day .. or more! I have a great mom and dad, and seriously - I got blessed with a pair of the best. BUT... I don't remember my Mom ever stressing over what to feed us, the food just appeared! Mom? And apparently in my house - this feature was left out! I am depressed. I bet after market, to add an automatic food machine would cut into my fabric budget.

And - here is even the worst part - I could survive on Rice Chex ( gluten free ya know) and chocolate if I had to. But the boys, they would not, could not, nor could their dad. They need steak, and I like steak, it just takes effort to cook it..... oh boy....

Back to quilts!

This beauty came from Betty in Arvada CO. She is a friend of a friend, and defineatly a good one to know! Isn't this pretty?

Thanks Betty - It is perfect!
The top picture is one of my sons after his spelling bee. This was the school spelling bee, and he placed high enough to make it to the next round which was districts. I can not remember the place he took at school - but he got 3rd at districts. So he was pretty happy.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Quilt Tops

I have been thinking ( gasp - I know!) and organizing ( yes - I get it, something is in the air!) and quilting today. The quilting part has been the funnest, and most challenging today. The quilt was a baby quilt, that they added fabrics to to make it queen sized.... so I had to piece batts, and really think about it! I think it turned out great if I do say so myself.

Anyways here is what I was thinking and organizing

- Quilt Tops for Quilts of Valor -

Here is my thought - feel free to shoot me, I am too far away for it to hurt!

I have sent out a lot of tops to other longarmers, many have already been posted on the blog, and some more are to come back in for binding. I have tops here from people, and groups, and others that I have bugged into making something. Enough to keep my QOV quilting time full. So ( see this is where the thinking comes in) If you are wanting to donate a top still, there are 2 ways to do this.


First - You can go thru the website, and request a Longarmer. Send them the top and the backing and have the Longarmer send the finished quilt to me. If it is not bound, I will have my wonderful Binding ladies ( the Greeley Gals) do it, because they love me ... still. If you don't want it to come here - you can then fill out the destination form - again at the . They will tell you a place to send it. Those people run a tight ship!! They are there for you ( and me!!)


Second - If you want to send the top and backing to me - go for it. But... I can not promise that it will be quilted in time for this years delivery - but rest assured it will get to a soldier. Because that is what I am all about - getting these quilts into the hands of a soldier! If I can, I will get it done for this year, but I still have 3 children to raise - and feed. Apparently children need food EVERY day - not just once or twice a week. Not like fish! Who knew? So no promises.


I am sure there are lots of other ways - but those are the 2 I pondered today as I was working. I don't want to discourage anyone - as this is a truly WORTHY project. The soldiers - these quilts mean so much to them. Don't believe me - find a soldier and present him a QOV.... its the truth!

A few years ago my family presented a QOV to a VietNam Vet in my parents' church. The man thanks me every time we see him. Seriously - every time, and his wife, she hugs me every time to thank us for his quilt. Its amazing. He takes it with him to the VA for treatment, he snuggles in it at home....

Okay - Thanks for listening. I have a new quilt loaded - and I can't wait to see how it quilts up. It is a pretty Brown and Cream Quilt of Valor!! Have a good one.

= Oh and because you might need a picture - here is my Eagle. He lives on the place, and he dive bombs my house - and this is his power pole - that just happens to bring the power into my house.

Friday, February 20, 2009

From Pat in WI

Ms Pat in Wisconsin is one prolific quilter! These are the quilts from the second box that she just sent me! I love them. She sent pillowcases that match, and each one of them has a photo album that she made. Pat - I admit - I sat and looked at the photo album. What a great way to get to know a person! I truly loved them, and the lovely thoughts behind them.
I know the soldiers will love them!
Our day started out rather nice, but then the wind came up and it started howling. We have had gusts up to 55mph, and steady blowing at 45mph. It sort of cools our house down too quickly!

Hope you all have a good evening! I am pinning quilts onto my zippers and plan on quilting the day away tomorrow!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday Quilts

Good day!
This first quilt was made by PJ, quilted by Kim B, and bound by Betty W - all of La Junta, Colorado! They make an excellent team. Thanks ladies!! Oh and they made pillowcases... but that picture just vanished....
This next quilt was made by Rita E. of Arizona. It was quilted by Jude M of Laramie, WY. Wrangler mans old stomping grounds... for a few years. I liked this quilt to begin with, but the quilting really accented it and it turned out awesome.

The third quilt for today comes from all over. It was pieced by Laura L in Chula Vista, CA, then it was quilted b Linda J in Lucedale, MS, and now it is here ready to go to a soldier. Ladies - it is perfect!!
Thank you all for your contributions!!
This little link should take you to an article in the local paper. I told you I spoke to a PEO group, and the ladies and some quilts were featured in the Newspaper.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Colorado and California team up.

Two posts in one day - what ever will you think of me?


These two quilts were pieced in Colorado and quilted in California. Willa and Sherrie pieced them, Judie Y quilted them and she did an awesome job!!
This has been fun, pairing up some Longarmers with the quilt tops and see what they come up with. I have to tell you - they make some great choices!
Hope you all have a good evening. I am happy with myself - I figured out how to make Chicken Noodle Soup - with no bouillon, flour, or wheat noodles - and it was edible! And it is gone! I was really hoping for some left overs, hmmm....


Quilts came in from Wisconsin! From Ms Pat D... And this woman KNOWS military. Her husband, her sons - they have all been there or are there at the moment. Pat I appreciate your dedication and help on this project!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Oregon and Illinois

Either side of the country - both bring good things.... like these quilts!

The quilt on the left comes from Oregon... from the quilting arms of Kathy M. Beautiful Job Kathy!

The quilts on the right come from Rita P. in Aurora Illinois. If i recall correctly two ladies made the tops and Rita quilted them. Rita? is that right? They are awesome quilts!

Thanks ladies!

Today - the wind is blowing very very hard, I hope the snow comes with it - or it was just a waste. And of course there are new weeds in the pasture now. Bummer.

Have a good one!