Saturday, February 28, 2009

Finished QOV's by Pat R

Pat R of Peyton CO sent me these lovely quilts! The Not So Top Secret Project quilt ( the red one) was made by Linda L of the Livermore Community Quilters. I sent it to Pat to quilt, and it multiplied to three quilts when it came back. Apparently this is what happens to my fabric stash too!

This Pinwheel quilt was made by Suzette H of Mesquite TX ( and sent to Pat for quilting and then on its way here! I love it. Check out the borders!

The Crazy Patch quilt was made by Pat, quilted by Pat and sent up here to! Thanks so much Pat - you did an awesome job quilting all these. I sure appreciate you!

Today was the Colorado Quilt Council Meeting. It is a state wide guild - and I became a member today. Our speaker was Karla Alexander of Saginaw Street Quilts. She was quite funny, and I understood her well! She talked about lifting quilts from your stash. I liked that - now to go DO it!!
Have a great evening! I received another box last night - so off to take more pictures and enjoy more quilts. Its rough I tell ya - really rough!! ( just joshing!)

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swooze said...


I see you made your goal. Set a new one!! You can do it! I think it will keep people excited about sending you quilts.