Thursday, February 26, 2009

Good Morning!!

And it is a good one! We went to a basketball game last night. Colorado State vs Univ. of Wyoming. They are huge rivals - there are border wars , there are painted rocks, there are painted faces.... and Wrangler Man went to UW... and I went to ( drumroll please) CSU. So we have our own border war in our house. I think I won last nite - 3 were in Green(CSU) and 2 were in Brown ( UW). Although in the real game UW won.


And I am blessed to have lovely beautiful gorgeous quilts in my house. For a quilt show every day!

This quilt - I hope you can click on the picture and see it closer - is full of sweets that are good to eat! It is so cute, and the quilting. It has the Statue of Liberty, the Liberty Bell, and a Eagle. Thanks so much Fay in MA!!


The next one here is from Ethel in Greeley CO - She is a great quilter, and one of my Greeley Gals.... she can do it all - piece, quilt and bind! Thanks Ethel!!


Here is another beauty from one of my Greeley Gals. Both of them are in my guild - the Pieceable Friends Quilt guild. Thanks Gerrie!! And bless her heart - she had another local quilter quilt it up, although at the moment I am drawing a blank as to who it was. I really should write this stuff down!


And last but not least for this morning.... one from Billings MT! From Kay. Quite a while ago, I got to spend a lot of time in Billings. A wonderful western town. I really enjoyed my time there. Thanks Kay for the quilt and pillowcase!!

Hope you all are off to a good morning. We have had some really full days, and today is another one! My oldest son has a Gala tonite - he is a Drum player and tonite is the spring Performance!


Anonymous said...

Go Colorado State! (They didn't win a whole lot when I was there either....)

The quilts are looking great! Hopefully it will be close to 700 in the next two months.

Thanks for looking at my blog - I will keep you posted on the Wildlife quilt. The company that produces Toni Whitney's kits is actually up from your neck of the woods (as compared to my neck of the woods) in Bigfork, Montana. Here is the link and do a search for Toni Whitney. She has some gorgeous horse patterns as well as a grizzly, wolf, bison, and moose.

Denise said...

Congrats on hitting the 400+ mark!!!