Friday, February 27, 2009

They Do Exist!

Say that just like you are the M&M characters! Yesterday my own personal Automatic Food Makers showed up bearing dinner and Brownies! Yum, see I knew that food just appeared when I was a kid. And now I have the proof. Well I had the proof. Not much is left. I hid the brownie tray after we came back from my oldest sons Winter Concert. So as far as "they" know the brownies are gone. Yep! Thats my story and I am sticking to it.
My oldest plays the drums, and he was awesome last night. I will keep him! I sat very far away - so I am impressed that this photo came out somewhat acceptable.

Now - Quilts!!!
These Three quilts came from Pueblo CO. From The Pueblo West Quilters.

Charlene Made this one.

Sharon M Made this one. I swear it is a disappearing 9 patch quilt - but I could be wrong. (like that has never happened before)

And this last one was made by Jeannie R.
Thanks ladies for making these beauties. They are wonderful!!
Have a great day!


Stephanie D said...

Finally catching up! I've enjoyed the quilt show tonight--love the one with food! lol

That and the brownies are making me hungry. lol

Tina Craig said...

My son is a drummer, too. And he's a ham! Other parents always comment to us after concerts how much they enjoy watching him play. He loves music and it shows.
I think you're right about the disappearing 9-patch. The color placement is really clever.