Friday, February 20, 2009

From Pat in WI

Ms Pat in Wisconsin is one prolific quilter! These are the quilts from the second box that she just sent me! I love them. She sent pillowcases that match, and each one of them has a photo album that she made. Pat - I admit - I sat and looked at the photo album. What a great way to get to know a person! I truly loved them, and the lovely thoughts behind them.
I know the soldiers will love them!
Our day started out rather nice, but then the wind came up and it started howling. We have had gusts up to 55mph, and steady blowing at 45mph. It sort of cools our house down too quickly!

Hope you all have a good evening! I am pinning quilts onto my zippers and plan on quilting the day away tomorrow!


marilyn said...

I can't believe you are almost to 400 already! This is such a huge accomplishment. Way to go.

Mary Johnson said...

They all look wonderful but I love the hourglass quilt. I have one of those on my to do list.