Thursday, February 05, 2009

Good Afternoon!

This patriotic rail fence quilts comes from Peggy T in North Carolina. She is in my Heartstrings group! Click on the photo to see all of the cool fabrics. Thanks Peggy!

The next quilt comes from Ellen. She is in Colorado and is in my Longarm group. She quilts up a strom of quilts for an organization called Firehouse quilts. ( but she took a break to make a quilt for us! Love it Ellen. Look at all the airplane fabric!!
Our third quilt for todays quilt show comes from Kathy M in Oregon. She did the coolest panot on the quilt - its all tools and handyman stuff. Definealty a point maker in this house! Thanks Kathy!

The next 3 quilts hail from South Dakota. Lori is a fellow heartstringer and Long Arm quilter. Two of them are from the Not So Top Secret Pattern that can be found in the top right side bar. I think they turned out Lovely!!

And just so you think I have not been goofing off ( you can not prove it!) Here is my middle son. His 4th grade had a music performance at school, and he played the recorder. I had a hard time taking pictures because the flash kept flashing off of peoples hair, and jackets.... I am obviously not a long distance photographer. But I pursued and out of 25,000 pictures - here is one that is not too blurry.... good thing WM had the video camera!!


Mary Johnson said...

I just looked at your list and I know you're going to make your goal - that must feel wonderful! I've got more donated tops in the works for you too - one's already quilted and two tops are waiting.

Vicki W said...

Even more great quilts!!!

Jude said...

Help...I have finished the quilting on a top that was sent to me but I cannot find Alycia's address....

Lori in South Dakota said...

The Quilts from Lori in SD--Ann in Minnesota made the first one, I made the second one, and the third one is anonymous, it was sent to me but without a name to be quilted, so I finished it and forward to Alycia's project.

Tina Craig said...

Great quilts! I have plenty of blurry pictures of kids in concerts. And my son is a drummer, so he never stops moving! My daughter will be making at least one QOV for her Girl Scout Silver Award project. We'll be in touch when she is ready to send it to you.