Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Overwhelmed yet?

Are you just overwhelmed with these amazing quilts yet? I am not! But my UPS driver came twice today, and two Fed Ex drivers showed up. My dog was in heaven - he got to use all of his barking up for the day!! So... I am just gonna post until I drop ( sort of) .

This post's quilts all come from the Geneseo Quilters in Illinois. They have delivery angels that head out to CO every once in a while. And I met these two angels in the big whopping town of Wiggins... They were on there way to see the new grandbaby. I thought that was impressive that they had time to meet up with me, I know that babies ALWAYS take precedence. And yes - I do speak from experience. After my kids were born, no one asked about me, they just wanted to see the kids!!


Paula, the quilter said...

And these took it over 400! Woohoo!

Vicki W said...

Yeah!! You passed 400!!!

marilyn said...

COngrats on reaching the goal! Now to get to 700 so each of the soldiers can have a quilt. Let's keep them coming everyone :)