Monday, February 02, 2009

Jill in New Jersey

sent in these 4 lovely patriotic quilts! They are truly beautiful!! And the quilting is perfect!! Thanks Jill!
I am pretty sure that if you click on the pictures it will bring up a bigger picture so you can really check out the patterns. I can guarantee that these quilts took a lot of time!
So - we have made it thru the first month of the year. Were you able to stick to your resolutions? I always make them, and then forget about what they were. So I printed out the ones I made and thought that might help me to stick with them... lets see:
1. Quilts of Valor: Yep still going strong.
2.Make a Quilt for a Family Member: In Process ( I have till December right?)
3.Cleaning House: I gave these responsibilities to my boys - and they are doing a bang up job! Of course they demand payment, and more food. But I think it is a fair trade.

4. Laundry: There were no takers, so I am still stuck doing it.

5. Cooking: We are eating healthier. I have cut out all High Fructose Corn Syrup too. I am learning how to make wheat free bread - yes, there have been a few bricks so far, but its getting better.

6. Fabric Shopping: The only purchase I have made in January was fabric for some Borders for 3 Quilts of Valor. I seriously had nothing that matched these quilts, and it had to be flannel.

7. Quilt Making: Trying to keep my area decluttered so I can quilt a little every day.

8. Blogging: Still at it
*So the year of me is going pretty well I think. At least I am enjoying it so far!
Hope you all enjoy your day - and are enjoying 09 so far too!

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Helen in the UK said...

LOVE those starry quilts! Congrats to you on carrying out your NY Resolutions so far. Keep up the good work :)