Happy Half Square Project

Welcome to my New Scrappy Project!!

I am calling it the 
Happy Half Square Project

it is just a fun way to try some new blocks, use up some of my 5 inch square pieces, and add a little spice to my quilting life!!

My Plan ( and remember - its a plan) is to release a new block each week that uses 16 Half Square Triangle blocks.   You can use ANY size square you want to make these blocks. 

I am using a 5 inch square.  My son has been helping me cut scraps and I have a HUGE HUGE pile of 5 inch Squares.... so it makes a rather large block - but its all good - you know all of mine will turn into Quilts of Valor - so the bigger the block, the faster the top comes together, and another Veteran is Shown the Love!!

Block One will Release on June 24th - and I will provide the links here to each post... just in case you want to follow along.. or pick a block to make - or just cheer me on it doing these blocks!

Happy HST Block 1

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