Friday, September 29, 2017

Purple and Green Churndash Quilt

I obviously need a better name for this quilt - but at this moment - it is called Purple and Green Churndash!!  Pretty fitting right?

AND!! the best news! it is finished!!

It is 64 x 64 inches and so very fun and bright

Next to my barn quilt for fun
Don;t look at the bottom - the doors aren't up yet
( it was - emphasis on the was- summer)

And the back!
Isn't that fun too?  

We were struggling against the wind, so thought we would use a corral gate
and that's when we realized why the wind was blowing

Sometimes you really should look around!
This is my outtake - 
isn't my bambino such a sweet helper??

If you want to see it in progress:

If you know someone who could use a quilt such as this

If you want to follow me on FB

That is all ;-)
Thanks !!

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Monday, September 25, 2017

Devils Tower - Wyoming

Over Labor Day we made a quick trip up to my In Laws place - and they willingly took us out to Devils Tower.   We have been before, but we think it may have been in the last century..... 

Did you knowDevils Tower was declared the first United States National Monument in 1906 by President Theodore Roosevelt.

We had a blast - 4 of us hiked all the way around the monument, and I think between us, there may have been over a gazillion photos taken!

When we went the fires in Wyoming and Montana were pretty bad, and the smoke made it difficult to see, as well as breathe.

But! We had a great time anyways

For you Joy
My Favorite 
Black and white
and the same ( well almost the same) in Color.

That blue sky was much easier to see up close to the monument

But it smelled like a campfire

The sunset was pretty cool though with the smoke

And my attempt's at a Panorama or two

The next day we went golfing, and the smoke was getting so bad, a fire just to the north of us was up to 90,000 acres, and we were praying for rain.   I don't get to watch too much TV, but I sure hope this wet weather has slowed and even put out some of the fires.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Quilted Quilts of Valor

These are Two quilts put together by one of my QOV groups - so I quilted them up!

They are one there way back to the Topper for binding, and to go love On their Veteran

Aren't those really cool!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


I took a little excursion out to a reservoir near us.  I had a lot of fun, and surprisingly met some people along the trail.   There is quite a campground out there, but I assumed that because it was a weekday, I would pretty much be the only out there..... I was wrong!

One family stays 10 days at a time, leaves for a day, and comes back.... until the end of September.

Unless of course it snows, then they go home early..

Just a barn.... Out there in the middle of nowhere
But I liked the way the light shone on it!

And a weed flower
I liked the color and the lake behind it

The lake is really neat
but the skies - and the drama of Black and White

I walked around a good part of the lake
But I had to come back to my car
so I got to see the Barn from another angle

As I was walking this bird
I believe it is a Swainson Hawk 
Landed and just kept watching me,

So I kept walking on, taking photos, until it finally took off
It allowed me to get pretty close!

 Isn't this a cool truck?

It was just out there!

I have been getting a lot in inquiries about purchasing my photos
And thank you - I am touched!

So - you can click on the photo and it will take you to my SmugMug Site where you can purchase a print if you wish.  If you want to do a canvas -Contact me Directly and I can work with you

again - thank you!

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Monday, September 18, 2017

KTQ's Mystery - Sapphire Stars - the Surprise clue

Man... he got me, I was all rockin along with Kevin's Mystery quilt, and I disappeared from wi-fi and cell service... and he posts a Surprise Clue!!

But it's all good now...

I am caught up!!!

Here is clue 3 part b
I had to do that too

and ta da - 
Mystery Clue

and then!

Is hosting a Transparency Quilt a long

So i have a bunch of fabrics pulled and am deciding on a theme
The boys say I should go with Blues
I am inclined to ......

BUT! I have to choose the right ones!

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Saturday, September 16, 2017


On one of our Hikes Little Bit and I kept calling to the Moosey's to come out and see us.... but from a safe distance away.... and they would not come.

We were SOooooo sad.... and we started to drive home.

And my other half yells "Moose"

We thought he just wanted the ice cream that comes with Spotting wildlife.... but we were wrong!

There are actually two Moose hiding in those trees!

and then they started walking towards us

and then

They Jumped!!
Isn't that crazy
they should play basketball!
The End

Friday, September 15, 2017

Big Star Country Finish #2

Whoot Whoot

I have finished my *other* version of Big Star Country - the Mystery A6 I hosted here on the blog.

( PS - the clues are still in my QuiltyGirl craftsy store if you are interested - for free)

Are you ready......

Ta da!!
It is all Quilted and Ms Kim Bound it for me!!

Go get your pattern and Make one today!
Donate it to your Local Quilts of Valor
or find a Veteran touched by war
award it and report it on the site!!

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

A productive QOV sew day

We ( all us NoCo QOV'ers) meet up once a month and stitch and giggle and tell stories and award QOV's - and this last sew day - was QUITE productive.....

Want to see??

Ethel Pieced this beauty!!  ( I just finished quilting it - so you may see it again)

And!! Ethel pieced this one!
I LOVE it!!

Here is one from Mary

and one in Progress from Mary
She decided it needed some borders - and so ...that is now the plan

 And Bernie and Charlene made these ( This was the Big Star Country Mystery QUilt - still available on my Craftsy page)

And Sheree finished this one!

and look
One of our Quilts is hugging a WWII Veteran
He was so tickled to recieve it

One of our Fellow QOV'ers from another state told us about him, and that she thought he should have a quilt - so we mailed it off to her, I didn't want a WWII Vet to go unloved.... and this just makes our hearts so happy.

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

A short Getaway

We had a quick little getaway....

This is Puppy - He says... you can't go without me, and so - he went with us!

This was our tent set up
( Lois.... Its a great tent)

This was my view as I looked up!
Wow! It was not too bad!

and this is how I cook
Ha ha
Okay - we had Sausage and bacon and eggs for breakfast
But hiking was the plan - so this was lunch
( and yes I did lunch - and the  Boss did breakfast)

Another up view

and my favorite part of the whole evening
The campfire
and Smores!

I even found a Gluten Free Graham Cracker that was not too bad
Made my S'more quite tasty!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Determination - and Quilt tops

I was on a mission, one that I didn't take lightly.... well okay - it was sort of lightly....

but I did have a goal!

I was able to combine some wilderness with some piecing , and some hiking, and some eating, and some hanging out with friends..... and this is what I finished....

( PS - I have a TON of more hiking and camping photos.... just warning you.... there will be more posts!)

i finished Clue #3A  of Kevin the Quilters Mystery "Sapphire Stars"
and then!!
I get home
and of all the nerve! he has posted another clue
I shall spend all the days of my life working on it!!  ( ha ha)

I finished putting together all FOUR of these Quilt tops!!

and all 4 of these quilt tops
(ps the sheets sticking out at the corner... do NOT pay attention to them
 - we all have to do laundry right? 
Just don't let it get in the way of Quilting!!)

and my leader ender project was (is?) these scrappy hearts

and.... this was my start to finish quilt.
I cut, pieced, and topped this one 
I like it!
It will fit one of the beds in my house
so it is going to be kept!!

and I hiked!
I saw some of the Aspens Trees leaves going to yellow
so I know that means fall is just around the corner!!!

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Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Camping In Colorado

When I took Ricky Timms Photo Class - he recommended sometimes just sitting and seeing what was around you - and really really looking.....

I thought on this hike I should practice this tip.... and because I wanted to eat lunch... a twofer!! ha ha

There I am  - this was my spot !
And my dog is right next to me, but he kept hiding from the camera!

 A tree!!

And the view kinda looking up

and then - I saw boaters
and we got jealous
Puppy and I wanted to go out in the boat!!

Of course - 
Looking around - there were a LOT of pine needles
so I thought you would want to see them!

Little Bit doesn't like sitting as well as my feet did
so he grabbed his fishing pole and starting fishing

Me - being the awesome angler that I am said
"Bring me Dinner Boy!:"
And he did

I really liked these little purple flowers
I kept trying to use different settings to see what I could come up with
I liked this one - it blurred the lake out

and then I looked behind me.... I was so glad there wasn't a bear.... I wouldn't have seen him, and he might have wanted my lunch!!!  I have a tendency to not share with bears.....

We really didn't sit that long, but a small storm moved over 
the clouds were just SO cool

and while it was a little darker ( due to the storm)
I tried my Purple Flowers again

This one looks like a postcard to me

and then I took another hike....

so you will have to see that on a nother day.....

Cuz I know you want to - I really really know these things...

PS - just in case you were wondering
Today is TUESDAY... Not Monday - so don't make that mistake