Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Camping In Colorado

When I took Ricky Timms Photo Class - he recommended sometimes just sitting and seeing what was around you - and really really looking.....

I thought on this hike I should practice this tip.... and because I wanted to eat lunch... a twofer!! ha ha

There I am  - this was my spot !
And my dog is right next to me, but he kept hiding from the camera!

 A tree!!

And the view kinda looking up

and then - I saw boaters
and we got jealous
Puppy and I wanted to go out in the boat!!

Of course - 
Looking around - there were a LOT of pine needles
so I thought you would want to see them!

Little Bit doesn't like sitting as well as my feet did
so he grabbed his fishing pole and starting fishing

Me - being the awesome angler that I am said
"Bring me Dinner Boy!:"
And he did

I really liked these little purple flowers
I kept trying to use different settings to see what I could come up with
I liked this one - it blurred the lake out

and then I looked behind me.... I was so glad there wasn't a bear.... I wouldn't have seen him, and he might have wanted my lunch!!!  I have a tendency to not share with bears.....

We really didn't sit that long, but a small storm moved over 
the clouds were just SO cool

and while it was a little darker ( due to the storm)
I tried my Purple Flowers again

This one looks like a postcard to me

and then I took another hike....

so you will have to see that on a nother day.....

Cuz I know you want to - I really really know these things...

PS - just in case you were wondering
Today is TUESDAY... Not Monday - so don't make that mistake


Libby in TN said...

Stunning photos.

Kevin the Quilter said...

Some more wonderful photographs my friend! Now I want to go camping! But, I need to have an electric outlet for my sewing machine!

Gypsy Quilter said...

Love the centered tree B&W photo. Better watch out, bears love trout too!

WeedyMama said...

Could your purple flower be related to fire weed? It certainly forms interesting seed pods.

Farm Quilter said...

Beautiful pictures! Love the way you switch to B&W on some...really enhances the details that tend to get lost in color. Looking forward to pictures of your next hike!!

Katy S said...

I love your photos! So inspiring!

Kate said...

Beautiful photos. I really like the black and white photos, but the second shot of the purple flowers is my absolute favorite.