Sunday, December 30, 2007

Scarves and Grocery Sacks

So - I am reading on Beths Blog beths blog about these fleece scarves that she made and I thought - AH I want one. See I just got 8 inches cut off my hair and it is cold on my neck.... So she emailed me how she made them - and voila - I made one. My embroidery is just an A . But it is warm!!
Then I get this very Cryptic email from my mother in law " Do you think you could make me a fabric grocery sack?" See how Cryptic she is! LOL - I love direct requests - I can't go wrong this way!!!! So C and I made up something. I think it is okay - but I don't think it is perfect. Since I am not really short of fabrics I think we will try another style or two then send them to her for testing.
Today was nice until about 4pm, now the wind in howling and blowing snow all over the place. The dog refuses to budge off his warm pillow - I identify with this - and I am about ready to sew!! I just finished step 3 in bonnies Mystery - need to iron them first....
Have a great one!!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

UFO #2 and #5

Well One month ago we rearranged our house and I unearthed 8 UFO's. I am so proud to report that I am making progress, and all in the same year!!! ( I have 3 left) This quilt is the cowboy quilt. I had purchased these 12 FQ"s in a pack and I am sure I had a plan in mind, but then I saw this pattern and went that way. My hubby helped pick out the borders and I think he did a good job!

So that was #2 on the list!

Then there was UFO #5. It was the BQ pattern.... I had already cut the 12 1/2 squares and had pulled the other 2 fabrics to go with it, and then it was in a pile next to my sewing table. Surprisingly that is not to hard of a quilt to make - I started cutting the other fabrics on the 23rd, and finished the blocks yesterday. I finished the top today - not too much time at all. Of course it is 12 blocks and will be the perfect size for a Quilt of Valor ( surprise LOl)

Now on a funny note - I bought a present with my son in tow - yes - it was for him, and he promised he would be surprised. So we are all done opening presents on Christmas day and he very quietly comes up to me and asks where it is.... oh my... well I told him we will have to search after everyone leaves. Well we searched and searched and no such luck. Just about 10 minutes ago i picked up my fabrics to start Mystery step #3 and there was something hard in there..... well I found the little video game!! My son is 6 - I was proud.
Have a great day - Its blowing snow and snowing hard here! Must go quilt.....

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Mystery Quilt Steps are getting done

Just when I thought I was keeping up the world got in the way! I need to stop that from happening as I really like doing this mystery. But if you look on the bright side I have steps 1 and 2 done. I have clues 3 and 4 printed off. I have step 4 hidden so I can't peek - but I don't think it really matters. I am sure I have NO idea what this will look like. Its a Bonnie mystery - I am not worried. I haven't seen any quilts of hers that I don't like!

Christmas has come and it snowed. My parents were here, and then hubbys sister and her family came for dinner. Her two boys are right in the middle of my 3 - so all 5 went sledding and running and chasing each other every where. oh to have there energy so late in the day... I need to figure out how to tap it!!

Hope you all had a great day and continue to enjoy the days!

Back to cleaning and sewing ( I hope I hope I hope)

Thursday, December 20, 2007

UFO #3

Well I am slowly but surely making progress. Remember back to my list of 8 things I found? I can now successfully cross of the Log Cabin 4 patch top. I put the rows together this weekend, and last night finally got the rows together.

One of my boys did the layout as I even had them pinned and ready to sew. So now it will go into my que. I will get this one quilted and bound and ready to be delivered with the rest of my quilts from the 5th grade. Our goal is to have all of our quilts ready by April 1st for May delivery.

We only have one more day till Christmas break!!!

Have a great one!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Another Week

I think I am so busy and always doing things, but I think in reality I am running around in circles, and doing things dicatated by other circumstances...

I finally got my truck back last wednesday. It was so wonderful to have it fixed. When we have snow the truck is really helpful in getting up our road to our house. I had borrowed my Dads truck. It is very nice, but I always worry about having someone elses vehicle.

Friday I sewed with my 5th graders again. We got all the blocks made - each kid got to se a block. So we now have 8 quilts worth. Then they got in there groups and layeds out the quilt tops. Do you think I took my camera? No - I forgot !! How dare I. Anyways we pinned them all and will start sewing again in January. They all have parties this friday - so I gave them the day off (ha ha)

Friday nite, my kids and I went shopping and to the library - and as we came out of the last stop .... my pick up wouldn't start!!! I was so not happy. So I called DH and said come get us and quick - its cold. ( and of course my cell phone battery was almost dead, the charger was sitting at home on the piano bench!!) So he came, and they diagnosed it with a dead fuel pump!

Saturday was Basketball games, Truck towing and a little bit of shopping. Sunday the boys had friends come over and Sled down the hills. They had a great time.

So where did monday and tuesday disappear to? Apparently I need to write stuff down!!!

Oh Hey - I remember monday nite my oldest son had a band concert. They were amazing - and I got to pick up my truck again.
And I have finished my last customer quilt! Just in time!! This little quilt is a study in warm colors. A customer is taking a color class and every month has something new to study. I liked this one!
Have a great day! We are off to the dentist, Grocery store and basketball practice!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Stashbusting Report

This was a good stashbusting week, althought I didn't sew all the stash I busted!

I quilted two tops for Quilts of Valor, and provided the Backing from my stash - so 7 yards out. I pulled fabrics from my Stash for the Mystery Quilt called Carolina Crossroads - I think I pulled about 6 yards, don's know if it will all be used - but I will try!! And then I sewed with my 5th graders - I had a huge box of Red White and Blue Strips. I had each kid grab two and sew them as there practice pieces. A pretty good dent was made in that box.

I even went into a quilt shop. I went in to pick up a ruler and I cam out with the ruler and the ruler only. This was impressive!! Of course I only had ten minutes, so I think that helped!

Have a great Day!!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Finishing UFO's

Today is a snowy blowy day. One of my sons needed to go to a Basketball Tournament in the morning, to watch , not play. So he and DH left early for that. Then I had till 10am till I needed to take middle son to his basketball game. So.... I sewed! I have all my strips sewn for Step 2 of the mystery. Will need to cut them and put them into 9 patches. All of the fabrics from this mystery are from my stash - so I am glad.

We went out at 10am and there was 6 inches of snow and ICE on my windows!!! A lot of defrosting was needed!! We got to the basketball game and my sons team won! yay us. As we were coming home my truck started to billow steam. I blew something in the radiator! I am so bummed. I know so much about vehicles that I left it parked and will have DH look at it!

Now that I can not drive ( okay I could take hubbys car , but lets pretend I can't) I settled down at the sewing machine and FINISHED the binding on UFO number 7 from my moving day list!! I can't take pics becuase this is a complete surprise quilt - but it is DONE! It will be mailed monday.
Oh~~~ and with my 5th grade kiddos - we sewed all day Friday in rotations of 4 kids at a time. We have all the blocks sewn for 7 of our quilts. I was quite proud of the progress. I had two other moms helping - they were so awesome! So we are making great progress!

I leave you with another picture from the Johnstown Quilt Show -I think the string and bright quilts really caught my eye!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Mystery Quilt

I have decided to do a mystery quilt that is on Bonnies site - It is called Carolina Crossroads. I think I am nuts, as I never can keep up. But maybe just this once I can. I have already finished Clue 1, have Clue 2 printed, and in my head will start on that tonite AFTER I bind #7 on my UFO list. It needs to be shipped by Monday - so I am still on time right??
These are my fabric choices so far. The Cream is in the dryer. I guess I need to press that too.

I also have 4 more quilts to prep for the 5th grade to sew tomorrow. I don't know how far we will get, but if I have all of them ironed and ready for sewing I should be prepared.
Yesterday and today I quilted Quilts of Valor, so i will have to get a picture of them. They were made by Barbs groups in California. And I am proud to add that the backings came from my stash - so far 7 yards have been removed!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

String Blocks ( scrap busting) Part 2

Since we rearranged my front room and unearthed my projects I decided that I MUST finish them!! My goal is before January ( please note I did not state what year!!)

This weekend I sat down and finished the last 2 string blocks, and trimmed them up. Last night I sewed them into a top and ( big drum roll here please) I added 2 borders. My oldest son decided I needed a small yellow border. We headed downstairs to the stash.... and were shocked to find only 1 yellow. It was not what we wanted. So I was digging thru a scrap box, and Viola we found a bright yellow. And there was more than enough to create a small border. So I have finished with Number 1 on my 8 item list!!! It does need to be quilted , but that doesn't count. I will put it in my queue and get to it.
Oh and it measured at 50 x 60 , so perfect lap size quilt.