Saturday, December 08, 2007

Finishing UFO's

Today is a snowy blowy day. One of my sons needed to go to a Basketball Tournament in the morning, to watch , not play. So he and DH left early for that. Then I had till 10am till I needed to take middle son to his basketball game. So.... I sewed! I have all my strips sewn for Step 2 of the mystery. Will need to cut them and put them into 9 patches. All of the fabrics from this mystery are from my stash - so I am glad.

We went out at 10am and there was 6 inches of snow and ICE on my windows!!! A lot of defrosting was needed!! We got to the basketball game and my sons team won! yay us. As we were coming home my truck started to billow steam. I blew something in the radiator! I am so bummed. I know so much about vehicles that I left it parked and will have DH look at it!

Now that I can not drive ( okay I could take hubbys car , but lets pretend I can't) I settled down at the sewing machine and FINISHED the binding on UFO number 7 from my moving day list!! I can't take pics becuase this is a complete surprise quilt - but it is DONE! It will be mailed monday.
Oh~~~ and with my 5th grade kiddos - we sewed all day Friday in rotations of 4 kids at a time. We have all the blocks sewn for 7 of our quilts. I was quite proud of the progress. I had two other moms helping - they were so awesome! So we are making great progress!

I leave you with another picture from the Johnstown Quilt Show -I think the string and bright quilts really caught my eye!

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