Thursday, December 27, 2007

UFO #2 and #5

Well One month ago we rearranged our house and I unearthed 8 UFO's. I am so proud to report that I am making progress, and all in the same year!!! ( I have 3 left) This quilt is the cowboy quilt. I had purchased these 12 FQ"s in a pack and I am sure I had a plan in mind, but then I saw this pattern and went that way. My hubby helped pick out the borders and I think he did a good job!

So that was #2 on the list!

Then there was UFO #5. It was the BQ pattern.... I had already cut the 12 1/2 squares and had pulled the other 2 fabrics to go with it, and then it was in a pile next to my sewing table. Surprisingly that is not to hard of a quilt to make - I started cutting the other fabrics on the 23rd, and finished the blocks yesterday. I finished the top today - not too much time at all. Of course it is 12 blocks and will be the perfect size for a Quilt of Valor ( surprise LOl)

Now on a funny note - I bought a present with my son in tow - yes - it was for him, and he promised he would be surprised. So we are all done opening presents on Christmas day and he very quietly comes up to me and asks where it is.... oh my... well I told him we will have to search after everyone leaves. Well we searched and searched and no such luck. Just about 10 minutes ago i picked up my fabrics to start Mystery step #3 and there was something hard in there..... well I found the little video game!! My son is 6 - I was proud.
Have a great day - Its blowing snow and snowing hard here! Must go quilt.....


Beth said...

Great Job! I have a BQ cut out as well, I really need to finish that top LOL

Judy said...

Nice quilts and a great son! You are one lucky Mom! Snowing here too - the kind in big fat flakes that stick to the trees. Happy New Year!

Mary-Frances said...

Wasn't I with you when you bought some of the cowboy Golden? It looks great! :-)