Wednesday, December 05, 2007

String Blocks ( scrap busting) Part 2

Since we rearranged my front room and unearthed my projects I decided that I MUST finish them!! My goal is before January ( please note I did not state what year!!)

This weekend I sat down and finished the last 2 string blocks, and trimmed them up. Last night I sewed them into a top and ( big drum roll here please) I added 2 borders. My oldest son decided I needed a small yellow border. We headed downstairs to the stash.... and were shocked to find only 1 yellow. It was not what we wanted. So I was digging thru a scrap box, and Viola we found a bright yellow. And there was more than enough to create a small border. So I have finished with Number 1 on my 8 item list!!! It does need to be quilted , but that doesn't count. I will put it in my queue and get to it.
Oh and it measured at 50 x 60 , so perfect lap size quilt.


Jeanne said...

Great work, Alycia! I have faith that you will meet your goal.

Vicki W said...

That's a nice string quilt! A good stash-busting effort there.