Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Another Week

I think I am so busy and always doing things, but I think in reality I am running around in circles, and doing things dicatated by other circumstances...

I finally got my truck back last wednesday. It was so wonderful to have it fixed. When we have snow the truck is really helpful in getting up our road to our house. I had borrowed my Dads truck. It is very nice, but I always worry about having someone elses vehicle.

Friday I sewed with my 5th graders again. We got all the blocks made - each kid got to se a block. So we now have 8 quilts worth. Then they got in there groups and layeds out the quilt tops. Do you think I took my camera? No - I forgot !! How dare I. Anyways we pinned them all and will start sewing again in January. They all have parties this friday - so I gave them the day off (ha ha)

Friday nite, my kids and I went shopping and to the library - and as we came out of the last stop .... my pick up wouldn't start!!! I was so not happy. So I called DH and said come get us and quick - its cold. ( and of course my cell phone battery was almost dead, the charger was sitting at home on the piano bench!!) So he came, and they diagnosed it with a dead fuel pump!

Saturday was Basketball games, Truck towing and a little bit of shopping. Sunday the boys had friends come over and Sled down the hills. They had a great time.

So where did monday and tuesday disappear to? Apparently I need to write stuff down!!!

Oh Hey - I remember monday nite my oldest son had a band concert. They were amazing - and I got to pick up my truck again.
And I have finished my last customer quilt! Just in time!! This little quilt is a study in warm colors. A customer is taking a color class and every month has something new to study. I liked this one!
Have a great day! We are off to the dentist, Grocery store and basketball practice!!

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