Saturday, April 22, 2006

Happy Saturday

Well , Yesterday I spent the day and the Doctors office, The park with the 5th grade choir, and taking pictures of the kids to put on the Labels of the Quilts of Valor - so today I am getting a little quilting time.

I had a lot of scraps left from our QOV project so my boys and I have been working on this one -

Now we will start working on the back and get it into our quilting Que!

Happy Saturday everyone

Thursday, April 20, 2006

My Challenge Quilt

A group of 4 of us joined in a quilting challenge at Mountain Prarie Quilts in Berthoud and made 4 individual quilts. Our group had the winning quilt - it belonged to Daisy. Hers was completely finished - mine was just a top.

Well now it is a secondary challenge - as I don't know exactly how I want to quilt it. So if you have any ideas - feel free to let me know.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

My First Post

Well, This is my first post to my Blog - so you can bear with me as I learn. I am a long arm quilter in Colorado, and have a passion for quilting. Just recently I have been working with my oldest sons 5th grade class to make 8 quilts for the Quilts of Valor program. If you are interested more information can be found here

The kids have done all the cutting, most of the sewing, I did the quilting, and the binding. It has been a great project and we are about ready to deliver the quilts to wounded soldiers.

All of our quilts are in Patriotic colors.We started our project in November so we are pretty proud of ourselves for the work we have done ;-)