Thursday, August 22, 2019

Finished or Not Finished Friday

Welcome!!!!  I am so excited to be the new host for Finished or Not Finished Friday!! Thanks Myra for trusting me with it!!

So!! The exciting photo shoot of my Finish!!!

I finished my quilt, took it off the frame, grabbed my kid and said lets go outside and take some photos - and then the phone rang. It was the National Weather Service ( I am a weather spotter).

They asked - can you see the Tornado from your location? and I went... WHAT?????

I am not sure how good I felt about that - so I walked outside to look... as surprisingly my roof doesn't allow me to see through it!! ha!

The tornado they were looking for was actually about 12 miles East - so I was good.

But then I decided I would just try to stage a pretty photo inside - I mean WHY tempt fate right?

This Quilt is called Steppers - and Liz in our Stashbusters group wrote the pattern and did a sew along - I LOVE it!! I had such fun picking through my Plaids - I believe they are all 3 1/2 inches wide - so you get to see a pretty amount of them!

Update - Liz says you can contact her if you are interested in the pattern : compusword @ msn . com  ( remove the spaces)

And just in case this week has been stressful for you.....
Here is a nice relaxing photo from our vacation to the west coast.

Alright - Now it is your turn!!


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Oh PS!!!
Just to prove that I am not perfect!! I made a little typo on the Fabric Requirements posted Wednesday - I have changed them and re loaded the PDF - the Light - you NEED 3 1/2 yards ( not 1 1/2)  you know that 1 and 3 are so close together!!

I need to make a FONF logo - but I have been a bit sidetracked.... hopefully I'll have one for you all next week

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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Mystery A9 - Lone Rider - Fabric Requirements

Mystery A9 – Lone Rider

This Quilt will finish at 64 x 80 inches

Fabric Requirements

You all know I love Patriotics!!

It is going to work well with 3 colors that play together nicely – Aka Red White and Blue, or you can mix it up and do Blues( 1 light 1 dark)  and White, or Reds and whites, or.. the possibilities are endless.

MY INSTRUCTIONS will show this:

Dark 1 – Navy Plaid in my Case :  7/8 yard
Dark 2 – Red Plaid – 1 ¼ yard
Light 1 – 3 ½ yards

Other Colorways to try or give you ideas:
Dark 1: Cream
Dark 2: Navy Blue
Light: Light Blue

Dark 1: Hot Pink or Red
Dark 2: Cream
Light:  Navy

Dark 1: Dark Blue
Dark 2: Light Blue
Light:  Light Grey

Have fun choosing!!

Here is the link to the PDF (I hope)

Monday, August 19, 2019


We had a great week and a crazy week, and a few days in between - and I think I might still be an emotional wreck - which if you know me well - would totally surprise you.... Emotions rarely get me... unless that stupid steer escaped my fencing again - then you will see ANGER!!

My sons - they continue to amaze me every day ..
this oldest one of mine...

He jokes and says he went to summer camp - but in reality he was accepted into Officer Candidate School ( OCS) at Marine Corp Base Quantico - and he worked his A$$ off...

He is now a 2nd Lieutenant, USMC

This is us - pinning his bars on

Just so you know I did it better, as he said - 
It needs to be an inch up from the collar - so mom
4 of your seam allowances

I might have laughed through my tears of Happiness for him.

And of course - we have to represent our state!

If you look at the picture above there are some things right behind my sons head.
ya! They have to climb those things and GO OVER THEM!!

I would just wait for the ambulance to come get me 

Him with his Brothers
We were so excited to all be able to go and watch him Commission

Just so you know
It is HOT there!!
It had been in the high 90's with a heat index of 108
So, naturally I was concerned about my hair ( ha ha)

The day he Commissioned
On Black Tar
It was only 95 so we were good!! 

This is the beginning of his journey
He is on the Law Track - which means he will become a JAG
after he completes his 3rd year of Law School and passes the Bar.

We are pretty excited for him - but it still feels weird to say my Son, the Marine.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

TGIF Friday!!!

This week I am hosting TGIF Friday!!!

 And Next week - I take over Finished or Not Finished Friday from Busy Hands Quilts - oh the pressure ( ok not really) I am pretty excited!!

I hope it also encourages me to finish more!!
I may have started organizing and finding things I forgot about! AND! I am making more Scrap boxes to share with the Quilting Community!!

Life has kept me pretty busy the last few weeks - and I hope you will come back Monday to see why! I finally have some of my photos processed and ready to share.... after I shed a few more tears ( happy tears)


This is Bernie's Version of the Mystery A8 called MOSAIC Written by Yours Truly - And still up in the tab section if you want to make it - or something like it!

I love that Bernie Made it and let me have the chance to quilt it!! I did lots of swirls and jigglies and had fun with it!!

And I love all the Variety of Stars!! So much fun!!

AND!!! If you like Mysteries!! I have a new on starting!! Wednesday will be the fabric requirements and the first clue will be September 4th!! It is called A9  the Lone Rider!!

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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Quilts of Valor

Oh I love all of these!!
Its so fun to see the variety of quilts we make!!

i think I could make this one!
I love the scrappy of it!

This one was made by Deb
She used up her moms fabrics
her mom - was one of our first quilters in our QOV group
Waaaay back in 2004
She was the best
She helped me do everything
She volunteered to bind!!

Hope you found some inspiration!!!

Monday, August 12, 2019

Jelly Roll waves Top

I have been keeping up!! Whoop Whoop!!

Its a Top!!! Its the Jelly Roll Waves Quilt along with Busy Hands Quilts!!

I kinda like it!!! I think even with the Pops of Lime Greens it still looks pretty manly right?
I am going to have Middle Bit... try it on - if it works I won't add a border and get it quilted!!

This is a really fun quilt and it goes together pretty quickly!

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Friday, August 09, 2019

Another Flags for Sue as a 4H project

So my youngest son just finished his Very last year as a 4H participant.

He participated in Quilting and in Shooting Sports - and he had fun. And it was weird to have this be the end of something....

after each of the other kids we knew is was over for them.... but we still had more kids..... so it wasn't over for us.  Now.... it sorta is!

This was his Quilt
And he had fun making it

And of course - 
It is almost ready to be awarded
( I have to wash it... but we are doing the college prep thing and the machine has been taken over!)

Want to see something crazy?
This was his first 100% finished quilt

Wasn't he cute??

Happy Finished Friday!


I will take over on August 23rd!! 
So I hope you will come here and Link up your friday progresses 
so I can ohh and ahh and drool and and to my bucket list!


I will be hosting TGIF Friday
On August 16th!!

So you have to come and visit me ok?
Make me feel like I'm not a loser.....

Wednesday, August 07, 2019

QOV show

I love that the quilters in my group love to make Quilts and let me show them off!! I love hearing all the oohs and ahhs over them ( and truthfully - they like seeing them in print 😁 )

So here are some of our most recent finishes:

Connie and Kathy made this one, and then the precut the blocks so we could all sew more of them at our sew day. We got enough done for 3 more quilts!

 Crystal made this one - I love the random stars through out it!
 This is another one by Connie and Kathy - they fussy cut the eagles in the center

And a cool use of the panel - don't you think?

I also design a block drive block for all of us to do - 
this one will be August and Septembers

Its a pretty fun one - and if you  want to make a Quilt of Valor using it - We would love to see it!

Friday, August 02, 2019

Scrappy Quilt ... Scrappy Quilt....

What are they feeding you??

Ha ha - My sons and I are watching Friends in the evenings.... and do you remember the song *Smelly cat... Smelly Cat... What are they Feeding you?*

That is what jumped in my mind with this quilt!  ( the Scrappy Quilt part - not smelly!!)

I used a TON of Strips from my strip bins - but I used some crazy Centers too
Some orphan pieces
 and I thought it would make more of a dent -
but I think I have enough for 2-3 more quilts!!
( yay??)

I have been organizing my Scrap bins and I have a lot... so here is my offer to you... if you would like a mystery bag full of scraps - none are really that small - most are long strips, cut offs from the backings  after quilting them...Email me... I will send you a bag for postage.... the cheapest postage we can go. and you can choose the size of the bag - 1#, 2#, 3# etc...

I love my scraps - but they are taking over the whole scrap space!!


Interested? Email me at AlyciaQuilts @ Gmail . com - I can send you a paypal invoice... and get them off to you to create beautiful things!!

edited to add - Heck fire! I forgot about Flat rate shipping - A small box is $7.35 a large one and a medium one is $14.35 - I can stuff them full!

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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

A New Mystery For Quilts of Valor

Oh it is getting that time - that time when we need to have way more projects than is expected, and way more fun things to do - and so!!! 

A9 - A new QOV Mystery will be starting soon!!!

I will post Fabric Requirements on Wednesday August 21st 

That will give you 2 weeks to root around, dig through the stash, hit the quilt shops , borrow from you neighbors ( ha ha)

and the First Clue will be Posted on September 4th - right after labor day, so you can get started!!

Remember I like fun anf quick quilts, and I like to have less that a few hours a week invested... so that is still my plan - to make this fun, easy and no stress. and for all of you who have stressful jobs.... maybe it will even be relaxing to you to cut some fabric and sew a little each week!

Just look at all the smiles from the Quilts of Valor already awarded!!

And if you are wanting to get ahead.... Remember I love RED WHITE and BLUE!!  Ha ha

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Jelly Roll Waves QAL - by Busy Hands

Boy I am just getting these posted!!
I thought I was farther ahead... but then....

I found out I wasn't - oh well - it was so so so stressful to send the boys out to do chores and make breakfast - so I could sew ( Bwahh ha ha)   It was great!!

This is Block two in the QAL - and I am so happy - I did it right!! Whoop Whoop!!

This is not a hard quilt - it is quite fun a relaxing to sew!!  Myra writes Fantastic instructions!!

Check out all the other QAL'ers

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Monday, July 29, 2019

COOKIES!!!! Gluten Free ones that were awesome!

Did you like my title?? Ha ha!!

I found ( okay really was given, but found sounds better) an AWESOME flour to make my gluten free items with!!

I quilt for an amazing lady, and she and her family farm in Northeastern Colorado. They have been farming many years, and are starting to add some new, unique flours. 

One of them is Millet Flour.  Kathy brought me a pound of it - and the boys and I got to taste testing!!

of course - we made cookies right away!

Don't you just want some of those??

I followed a regular chocolate cookie recipe, and instead of using wheat flour, I used Millet flour. 

So - on Batch 1 - I used 1/2 Millet flour and 1/2 gluten free flour blend.    I mean - just in case.....and I always like to learn how flours work. The 1/2 and 1/2 batch was  awesome!  

I have been gluten free for 12 years now, so I am not 100% sure what to compare it to - other that Gluten free cookies or mixes I have used in the past. The GF flour blend that I use... I like! However others have told me it is a little gritty. And if you don't eat the products quickly (12-18 hours) they tend to dry out and get hard.

Back to the half and half cookies. I thought they were great. They were moist and chewy and chocolatey.  100% gf flour blend cookies get hard while sitting on the plate more than a day.  These didn't get as hard - they were still pretty moist 24 hours later.

BATCH 2 ( pictured)
Then I got brave - I made a 100% PFZ Farms Millet Flour batch. Oh! My! Stars!!  This flour added a richness to the chocolate, and they were very moist and chewy - and 24 hours later.... the same!  36 hours later .. the Same!! 48 hours later.... well I can't tell you  - we ran out of test product!

But seriously - do cookies every last more than 2 days in your house?

Want to try some ( and support your farmers?)

They sell their flours at:

4 Seasons Farmers Market on West 38th in Wheatridge 
or through contacting them on their website.

and if you bake something with it - tell me - I am always about new recipes!

Friday, July 26, 2019

Two Tops : Finished!!

I have two!!
Count them!!
Two Tops finished!!

Whoop Whoop!!
Altho - I was going to wait to show them after they were quilted, but at the rate I am going.... I will forget!

This one is my QOV groups Block of the 3 month challenge! Ha ha - we decided to do it for the whole summer since everyone is always so busy!

You can find the pattern here 'Rectangle Block

and then I finished the STEPPER quilt!
It was a pattern designed by Liz in my Stashbusters group.
I REALLY wanted to get it quilted first.... but ... i'll just have to show it again!

Have a Happy Weekend!!

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Thursday, July 25, 2019

A sweet Surprise from Sunny Day Supply

Over on Instagram = there was a #PatrioticQuiltParade hashtag for the month of June. Well of course, I had Patriotic Quilts to show off!!

Little Did I know there were prizes!!

I got the Sweetest Surprise from Sunny Day Supply!!

Have you ever shopped there? They have the Sweetest Fabrics!!

This is what they sent me!

It was all wrapped up so cute!

Ta da!!
Aren't those so sweet??

This is their card, just in case you now feel the need to go shop!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2019


This last weekend we were up in Moose country - and I searched and searched, and fished and fished...

And the last day as we were packing up the car - I was talking to one of my sons on the phone.... and a MOOSE comes out of the woods straight at my car.

I stuttered... I sputtered, ....  I scared my kid

but it was a MOOSE

And me - with only my cell phone!!

And he walked right between the condos
and down to the lake!

And proof that someone caught fish! I have one of the Husband too.... But I haven't gotten it off my real camera yet.... the real camera that was still INSIDE the Condo when the MOOSE came through!