Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Winter Quilt A Long - Hour ONE!

Welcome to Hour ONE of the WINTER QUILT A LONG
Whoot Whoot

Now... just a preface - this is an hour of My stitching... you may be ( and most likely are) faster, or you may only have 10 minutes at a time... but it will get done and you will relax.... and feel the stress of the day go away.... ( okay that works for me!)

We have a Navy Blue, A Red – and the Light Blue is my Light.
I am going to do everything based on the yardage, but will give you the number you need if you are going scrappy. Scrappy will take you longer to cut, but don’t laugh – I am doing a regular and a scrappy version….

Step 1:
With your Light :
Cut 2 strips width of Fabric (wof)  6 ½ inches long.       Sub Cut those to 12  -   6 ½ inch squares

Next you need   54  -   7 inch squares of Light
*If you have 40 inch fabric you will need to cut 11 strips of 7 inch wide fabric
 – and sub-cut that to 54 – 7 inch squares.

*If you have 42 inch fabric you need to cute 9 – 7 inch strips of fabric
 - and sub cut into 54 – 7 inch squares

Step 2:
You need 12 – 7 inch squares
*if you have 40 inch fabric – you need to cut 3  - 7 inch strips wof, and sub cut into 12 – 7 inch squares

*if you have 42 inch fabric – you need to cut 2 – 7 inch strips wof and subcut into 12 – 7 in squares

Step 3:

On the back side of the red – draw a diagonal line.

Pair them with  12 of the Light Squares and stitch ¼ inch on either side of the line.
Cut along the line, and press
-          You will now have 24 light/red half squares


Step 4:

Navy Blue:    You will need 42 – 7 inch squares of Navy blue

*if you have 40 inch fabric you will need to cut 9 wof strips and subcut into 42 -  7 inch squares
*if you have 42 inch fabric you will need to cut 7 wof strips and subcut into 42 – 7 inch squares

Take 10 of these Navy Squares, Pair them with a Light.
Draw a line on the diagonal, stitch ¼ inch on either side of the line.
Cut along the line and press them

You know have 20 Navy/Light Half squares

And it is time to go have your dinner….

Your Final Count for This step:

Light:               12 - -6 ½ inch squares
Light/Red       24 - - 6 ½ inch half squares
Light /Navy    20 - - 6 ½ inch half squares

Ohya!! Need a PDF - here you go!!
Winter QAL Hour One PDF

See you Friday for Finished ( or Not) Friday!


Linda Swanekamp said...

Alycia, what size do the HSTs finish at? I do not like to make HSTs this ways as my diagonal line sewing stinks. I always cut the triangles with the EZ angle ruler or Bonnie Hunter's and sew the triangles together with the edge against my seam guide. If I know what the finished size of the HST units is, I can cut strips to make these, more accurate for me.

Kat Scribner said...

Thanks, Alycia. I KNOW it will take me longer than an hour. lol but it's still therapy.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Thanks for being SEW kid to us, Alycia!!

grammajudyb said...

It’s definitely taking ME longer than one hour..... I’m ok with that. My HST are a skosh bigger that 6 1/2 “ when I cut them apart and press open. I’m assuming I should trim to 6 1/2” unf.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Hmmm - need to check on the red and blue stash fabrics to see what might work for this.

Farm Quilter said...

First clue and I'm confused...on the first clue, you say to cut 6-1/2" squares, but all the other squares are 7"?? Which is correct???

Sharon K said...

My red is 20.5”, i am a very frugal cutter, will it be enough

B. Lee said...

Looks like 6 1/2 is the finished size

Bonnie said...

I've been mired in present productions (that doesn't sound so bad...) so I didn't even know you are doing a QoV QAL. So my thanks goes to Nancy at Wyoming Breezes for giving her readers a heads up. I'm going to scour my stash to see if I can find enough fabric to do this one. I can handle 1 hour a week.... and if not, I'll catch up later. Thanks for sharing this.

Farm Quilter said...

Girl, I'm here to tell you, you either prepped your fabrics or you are REALLY fast!!! My hour: cut all the white, iron my orange and teal. I'll get back to the rest of the cutting and start sewing in a bit!!

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

Any suggestions for colour combinations? Although Red, White, and Blue look great together, I don't want it look like an American quilt. No offence. Canada is Red and White.

Kate said...

I completely missed page 2, so only did my red HSTs. Work has been a zoo the last two weeks, but I'm off this week. Hopefully I can catch up!