Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Winter Quilt a Long - one Hour per week

at the Korean War Memorial in DC
This is a fun easy quilt - with a cool visual to it when it is done!  

This Wednesday ( the 6th) I will give you the Fabric Requirements - and that is your job - shop your stash - you can also go scrappy and I will give you hints for that

Each Wednesday I will give you 1 HOUR of a step - It will be based on my timer - I will stitch one week ahead of you - and when the timer buzzes 1 hour... I am stopping ... and that will be your step.

This pattern has already been tested , I am varying the version just a little bit ( because I can - and its fun 😋  )

And when we get to the part to put it together - I will show you the whole design so you can choose to put it up on the design wall right then,
or just plain ol' finish it!

and then!! we will have one more Quilt for a Veteran!!

If you want Chit Chat about it - head over to  and sign up - its super easy and hopefullly we will have photos to share.

So today!!  

A PDF of the Fabric Requirements can be found here:
Winter Quilt a Long Fabric Requirements PDF

or here you go:

Winter Quilt a Long
Fabric Requirements
Red: 5/8 Yard
White: 2 ¾ yard
Blue: 1 ¾ yard

Basically you are looking for TWO contrasting Darks (ie: Red and Blue) and ONE Background that will let those darks shine.
In mine I will be using Red Blue and a Light Blue – because I cannot find a white that doesn’t have prominent patterns.
If you are going scrappy – same color rules apply – you will need larger scraps – like 7 inches or more in size… the little ones need to go to the bottom of the pile to shine another day ;-)

Have Fun – Alycia


Florence said...

fingers crossed, i will be able to join this time

Carlie Nichols said...

Thanks for helping us shop our stash--I sure need it!!!

Farm Quilter said...

Thank you, Alycia!!! I just posted about this on my blog, My fabric choices don't match yours in color, but I'm using what I have!!

Susan said...

I have just sorted a lot of red and blue scraps from another AmHero project, so I think I'm set! I'll take a photo tomorrow and put a pic on the group page.

grammajudyb said...

I want to join in. I shared this link with my Loose Threads group and a few others. We just had a marvelous wrapping ceremony yesterday for twelve local veterans.

Kate said...

I really want to play along with this one. I'm sure I have the stash fabrics for it.

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

I missed this while I was away. Looks like fun. But I need more hours in the day!!!