Sunday, November 03, 2019

Elephant Seals

I have nothing that I can show you on my design wall... because!!! I am working on a project for the Stitch it and Gift it Blog hop hosted by  that starts on November 11th!!!! 

Instead - I will show you pictures of the Elephant Seals that we saw along the coast. We headed to Cali a few weeks ago - they were having rolling black outs - and we went to the coast... it was fun!!

Can you see them swimming in the water? There were so many of them!  and even tho they look small they are huge - Males can weigh like 3200lbs!!  No dieting for them!

The walkway that you stay on - so that you don't interrupt or get in their way - gets you pretty close to them!

Aren't they cute? If they weren't so loud I might want one....

There are three peak times of the year that have large populations of seals – January, April, and October. - we were there in October

Starting in November, adult male elephant seals start to arrive on the shore. Adult males will stake claim to female pupping areas on the beach. When another adult male challenges a pupping location, a fight for dominance ensues. Adult males will fight for mating rights from December through January. Elephant seal bulls can reach 16 feet in length and weigh up to 5,000 pounds.

Sooo cute - right?

But when then do this (below)
They are scary - 
and noisy

you can learn more about them here:

Happy Stitching!!!


Sherrill said...

And did it STINK?!!! Every time I've been to see the seals, it stunk so badly I couldn't stay long. UGH!! I could only hold my breath for so long, ya know? LOL

Sandy said...

Great pictures, Alicia! Ano Nuevo is right up the coast from me, and I've never gone to see the seals! You're brave to come to California these days, with all the fires and, like you mentioned, the blackouts. Sounds like you need to go sew now!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Thanks for sharing more vacation pictures! Looking forward to the Blog Hop.

Florence said...

lovely, tks for shqring

Farm Quilter said...

I love seeing the elephant seals as well. Can you imaging feeding them if they were your pet?? Or cleaning up after them??!!! I'm looking forward to the gifts are made and I even got pictures!!! This will be my first time participating in a Blog Hop!!