Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Quilts from Jane Part 2

And the rest of the story....

 I still haven't been able to pick a favorite, and I have been checking them out pretty closely. Jane, I sure appreciate your contributions!! These are truly gorgeous!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Quilts from Jane Part 1

In Connecticut.... I hope you are ready for some inspiration... cuz these quilts of valor are sure beauties!!  And oh my - has Jane been busy!!

Ready?   Set.  Go!

Most of these quilts have been *somewhere* , taken by her and her Marine husband to various locations, and signatures have been collected. They are just awesome!!

Thanks Jane - and be sure to come back tomorrow for Part 2.... cuz these were more quilt by Jane!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Design Wall Monday and Orca Bay Progress

Instead of Black Friday - I printed off Clue # 2 and got to work..... and as of this morning - all 72  3 1/2 inch string blocks are DONE!!

I started with this pile of strings

And Ta da... got these little blocks and a big pile of small triangles.... hmmmm

This last week was a little crazier than most, so didn't get as much sewing in.
But I did finish quilting this Quilt of Valor

I did it with a swirly pattern, and tried to round the swirls in the center.

And then I remembered - I told you all about making Quilt tops, but I didn't show you the finished tops - and they are great inspiration!!

Harriett made this one with the Moda Star blocks - I love it!!

Ethel combined this great panel with some of the moda star blocks and stripes!!

Connie used the same panel and then added the Twister blocks to the side - Genious!!

And Ms Mary.... She has been working on using up her plaids - and she is too creative!!!

I kind of love this one!

And SURPRISE!!! One of our Quilt of Valor Reciepients stopped by!  He brought his quilt to show us, and even posed for some pictures. I think we only embarrassed him a little bit. I tried to talk guns and guy talk with him to keep him around a while.

( This Quilt of Valor was made by Pat over at

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Quilt from Susan

Susan in VA is another reader, and she sent in this Quilt of Valor. Just beautiful!! Thanks si much Susan!!!

I am pretty sure this is the Bento Box pattern, but if I am wrong - let me know. A lot of you ask what the patterns are - and ..well.... I am trying LOL

Here's a side view of me. I got my hair cut... really short.... and when its short its curly...Notice the little eyes at the top of my head, getting into the picture...

Stash Report Sunday

I did not succumb and go to any black friday sales, and I even stayed off of the internet... to no new fabrics.... but I did notice that I did my report wrong last week... I combined two different lines, so the math was wrong.... to my favor * yay*

So now maybe I should have gone shopping?   Oh - and I haven't included any of the fabrics that I have used for my Quiltville Mystery yet... I was gonna wait till the end....

So Fabric Used YTD:                                 454.74 yards   
      Fabric Purchased YTD ( by me)            56.79   yards
      Fabrics Donated ( for QOV)                164.00 Yards

      Total Fabrics In                                       220.79 yards

      Total Fabrics Busted YTD                    233.95 yards   ( gone!)

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Quilts from Nancy

This is quite appropriate for today! Nancys Blog is  and today the breeze ( okay Wind) is defineatly blowing!!  It's been good tho - we got the Christmas Tree put up, and I have been sewing... so its acceptable....  oh Quilts!!

Want to see the Two Quilts of Valor that Nancy sent this way?  

This top one was quilted by Nita in Odgen UT

This one was quilted by Julie in Odgen

Nancy was so kind to send a link to the pattern that she used - its from the
Webstore Quiltropolis

Thanks Nancy and your Quilters - these are lovely!!

( Oh and Nancy is A reader too)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thank you so much!

"The Quilt is beautiful, I can't think of enough "Thank You's" for it. I was touched to the core to receive it. May you all be blessed abundantly, for all the good things you do. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness."

K. M.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

Thank you to everyone who makes it possible for these Brave service people
to be honored with a Quilt of Valor

Monday, November 21, 2011

Design Wall and Sew Day Stats

Whoa boy - I Loved this weekend!!! I got to sew all Saturday morning on the new mystery from Bonnie , I went to a Mardi Gras 4H party, we went to the PTBR Bull Riding and our buddy won the round.... and Sunday was  a Quilt of Valor Sew day... so another sew a thon... with buddies ... and chocolate..... awesome!!

So Whats on my Design floor/table today?  ( Warning - this is the start of Clue 1)

The hourglass blocks - I know they have other names - but that is what is in my mind right now - this is 80 of them, I have about 40 of them ready to iron.... and then I had better get busy - she says we need 224..... whoa boy!

Sharon put borders on my Mini Baby QOV ( its not really a QOV but its for a baby of a QOV reciepient)  and I made the backing and the binding.... so its ready to quilt

 Stack one of completed quilts  and below - stack 2

Pillowcases - huh look - theres a laundry basket - and its empty - the boys did their chore...sort of

QOV Sew Day Stats: 14 Pillowcases made, 13 QOV's bound, 8 tops completed, 1 bag of Caramels, and 1/2 bag Dove Dark Chocolates... Not too Shabby!!

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Stash Report

My dear sweet wonderful Volunteer Long Arm Quilt of Valor Quilters have volunteered to take 13 QOV's this month so I was busy making backs!!! And then since I was cutting I thought I would go ahead and cut some matching pillowcases.... and my son is going to sew them today at our QOV Sew day!!!  So my numbers for this week rock....I'm just sayin'

Fabric USed this Week:                43.76 Yards
Fabric USed YTD:                          410.97
Added This Week :                        0 Yards ( But oh the sale flyers for black friday are coming!)

Added YTD:                                       220.79

Total Stash BUSTED ( gone!)            190.17 yards

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

From Mary and the Bernina Connection

Oops - I slept in!! We have been getting up and at em early every morning, I think someone forgot to set the alarm!! And we woke up to snow!!  ( it was all the doing of showing you that
Snowman Quilt   I must have willed it!! )  Apparently there is quite a bit of black ice - so I will  *sigh* just have to stay in and sew..... I can hear the sadness for me ( NOT!!)  

This very awesome group in Arizona and Colorado sent some beauties!! These Quilts of Valor will defineatly be loved!!!  Of course, I kind of drooled over them first.... I love getting to see all of these up close, and petting them a little bit....

All of them are made by the Bernina Connection and quilted by different quilters - so I will identify them under the quilt!

Quilted by Ros the quilter found here

Quilted by S Ashford
I love the diagonals on this quilt....

Quilted by J.Travis

Quilted by C Massuth

Quilted by L Matteotti
Aren't these yummy colors?

Thank you Mary for organizing this and getting these Quilts of Valor to us, to take to Fort Carson. Your group is wonderful!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Quilts from Meredith Quilted by Ron

Alright - get ready for a lot of pictures. In almost every quilt that I have recieved that has been quilted by Ron, there is a little *something* in them..... so I searched and searched to find the little *somethings* and was NOT dissappointed.

All of these quilts are made by Meredith in California!!

This is the back of the Batik Squared - can you see the little *something* quilted in there????

I just love this color combination. Somewhere in my stash I have a "kit" that I put together to make a Black White and Red quilt.... hmmmm, wonder where it went??

 I'll be honest - I don't think he quilted a surprise on the back  - but I wanted to show you the quilting anyways - baseball bats!! I Love it

Check this beauty out!

 And the back... first off - great fabrics - but cna you see the surprise?

And the last quilt from Meredith and Ron - a Jelly Roll Quilt !!!

You are really going to have to use your imagination here - its upside down!!
Thank you so much Meredith!!! Awesome!!!