Tuesday, November 15, 2011

From Doris in TX

This wonderful quilter is from Texas and is another PatchworkTimes.com reader. As a matter of fact - I am going to guess by her addy, that she might be close to our friend!

You can find more about her work at http://thequiltingqueenonline.blogspot.com/

What a beautiful quilt and the quilting - oh la la .
I took one photo with the flasha nd one without to see the detail!

Is this not cool?  Again - CHECK OUT THIS BORDER!! I am loving it!!

And a pillowcase to match!!!

Thanks Doris!!


Nancy said...

Beautiful work, Doris

beaquilter said...

how cool are THESE

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful! And the border is incredible....really adds to the quilt!

Some lucky recipient is going to be loving these quilts!