Friday, March 30, 2012


So... I had this great plan to finish a quilt top last night - so I would have something wonderful to show for Finished Friday - and since I procrastinate - I thought I could totally get it done, and then I didn't... and I ran out of bobbin, and my bobbin winder on my favorite machine doesn't work, and I would have to go downstairs to wind another bobbin..... and its dark down there at night - and Wrangler Man was in LA, and well... so ... I didn't get it finished.

I woke up this morning with Plan A - to finish it and post it before breakfast and then I wouldn't look like such a procrastinator, and I looked outside and saw free roaming animals - that were not supposed to be quite so free roaming... so off to Plan B - Chores first.

I got everything but 1 mare gathered, and went to get her and noticed that she looked a lot sick..., so now Plan C - ran to call the vet ( it can take them 45 minutes to get here - so I always err on the side of caution)  And then I called my Horse Friend - who happened to be driving by - And bless his family's heart - they let him come help me...  ( I OWE them big time)

He helped me get her up and walking, and we decided to keep the vet coming....

We worked on her all day - but apparently it wasn't to be, she is now in Heaven roping with Grandpa -I decided he must have needed a good mare ....and my quilt top is still sitting in the same place..... *sigh*

So I thought -after boring you with my oh poor me story - that a little more Quilty Inspiration might do us all some good.... at least it makes me happy ..

This quilt was made by Connie and Kathy in Longmont and Quilted By Liz Taylor Davis

I am going to be honest and tell you - I think... okay I know - I want this one - there is something about the contrast in this quilt that makes me go *ahhhh*
It was made bu Connie and Kathy and Quilted by Liz too.

This one was made by Connie and Kathy too - isn't it amazing?
Quilted by Liz Taylor Davis  in CO

This one was made by Barb W in MN - This is probably her pattern - but you can find free similar ones 

And it was quilted by Rita A in Colorado Springs CO

The last inspiration for today comes from Miracles , and was quilted by Karyn Furch in Colorado Springs CO

Thanks for reading all the way - hope you were inspired too - I love seeing the beautiful quilts - they make my heart happy.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wed Quilt of Valor Show

Thank you all for the kind words and prayers for my friend. She made it thru the surgery well, but found out its a little more invasive than was originally thought. She is a Warrior and tough as all get out, so I know she'll be okay... but please keep her in your prayers..

On to the Quilty Stuff!!  It looks like QOV central around here, and I feel like its 24/7 and its AWESOME!!  

So - From the Happy Hearts Bee of Columbine Quilt Guild in Colorado - all Quilted by Audrey T - check these babies out!!

This ( above) was the center panel on the back of the QOV - its the Declaration of Independence - I LOVE it!!

Pat R - down in southern Colorado - and my dear friend who quilts butterflies and won't let me keep them has been quilting up a storm for us too!! Check out these Beauties that she quilted:

This first quilt was pieced by Connie and Kathy ( the sweet dears who brought me my lovely flowers!!)

This one was made by Ethel - Can you tell we had a few panels? Those are just the coolest panels!!

This top was pieced by Miracles!!

So were you inspired? Is there one that jumped out at you? I, being spoiled get to see them all up close, and I can tell you.... they are all WONDERFUL!!!

Enjoy your day!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Pink string Quilt

The dear sweet girl who was the Maid of Honor at my wedding.... a long time ago, when we were just wee little tykes, was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and very quickly it was determined that she would have a double mastectomy.. and that surgery is today... I knew she needed a quilt.... so Sarah, from my Heartstrings quilt had a pink string quilt top ready to go, she sent it to me, I quilted it, bound it, and gave it to my friend yesterday.... and its on its way to the hospital with her today...

So if your sending a prayer up - please remember her - she isn't really old enough for this ( just turned 40)  and her momma has passed away - so she needs us ;-)

This is it.... I quilted it with a Flurry of Angels feather quilting ( Jamie Wallen Style)

I added a few words for her to search for - Hope, Love, Faith. Hugs

And put a crazy bright backing on it - you gotta have a little laugh right?

Monday, March 26, 2012

Design Wall Monday 3/26/12

We had our Quilt of Valor sew day yesterday and we bound forty'leven million quilts... okay maybe it was closer to 20 - but it felt like at least a million.... Now I have a pile of QOV's to wash and then they will be on their way to love!!!

Saturday Jean Wells - the mother of Valori Wells - and the owner of the Sisters OR quilt shop - and the organizer of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt show - came to speak to our guild... I think I'm in love!!

The way she uses color and the way she sees the use of color just tickled me. And the pictures she takes for inspirations!! I take pictures too, but then I sometimes forget about them *sigh*

 So when I went out at night to finish up the chores this is what I saw from my deck, and I love blues so I thought someday this could be inspiriation for.... something.... 
Excuse the blurs... my dogs wag there tails, and one of them is knee high - she gets me....

And then the straight up picture - if you look closely there is a drilling rig in the horizon, I assume it will be lit up soon, as the trucks are still moving in, and then I won't need any outdoor lights for a while.... *sigh*

This is my design ish place.... I am working on some more string blocks. My bin kind of got full and I can't add more, so I thought I would remedy that.....

At our sew day yesterday Connie stopped in and she gave me this picture....

And these flowers - and I was touched.... It was really sweet - and the verse on the picture is Psalms 138:3 "He gives me strength when I ask."  With 3 kiddos sick and a hubby who's back is out..... I am THERE!!!   Wasn't that encouraging?  It was for me - I was so Tickled!!

For other design walls - head on over to

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Stash Report Sunday

A while back I won a gift certificate at the Fat Quarter Shop.... and now - I spent it!!! YAY!!

I also made some backing this week - 5 to be exact out of my stash, 3 out of donated and uncounted fabrics - and 1 for a quilt for a friend.... so YAY - it looks pretty good!!

Fabric in This Week:  3.25 yards
Fabric In YTD:            37.42 yards

Fabric Out this week:   19.77
Fabric Out YTD:        171.43 yards

Total fabrics busted:  134.01 yards

I think that instead of thinking of the fabric busted - I am going to start thinking of it as Loved on Elsewhere!!!

This is the FQ pack that I got - It is still in the cellophane, and I am going to leave it like that for a minute.... we have dust!! We need rain - so please - do a rain dance for us ;-)

For more stash reports go to

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday Inspirations

I have had the privilege of meeting some wonderful Long Arm quilters in our state, who have helped out quilting these Gorgeous Quilt of Valor tops. In January a lot of the L/A'ers took a top or two to quilt and now they are starting to come back to me.... to get the binding put on.

This first quilt was pieced by Candy C of New York and quilted by Karen N of Keepin' em in Stitches in Colorado

This quilt was pieced by Miracles of Denver  and quilted by Karen 

The blue is the back - my little bit fell in love with the back - there were eagles, and he swears there was a Captain America Shield....

This is also a Miracles Quilt, quilted by Karen. She quilted in each appliqued star - I LOVE it!!

This quilt was pieced and quilted Liz Taylor Davis of Colorado

Don't you love the USA

This leaf quilt was pieced by Lydia P - and I just love it!!
It was quilted by Liz as well. Don't the swirls give it a fall look?

This quilt was pieced by Gail in OH and quilted by Liz in Colorado

 This quilt was made by a group in Longmont - it was pieced as a block exchange, then quilted by Donna in Longmont!!

Hope you found some inspiration in todays Quilt Show!! I sure am grateful to all those who have helped out keeping our Warriors covered in a hug!! and a Thank you!!