Sunday, March 25, 2012

Stash Report Sunday

A while back I won a gift certificate at the Fat Quarter Shop.... and now - I spent it!!! YAY!!

I also made some backing this week - 5 to be exact out of my stash, 3 out of donated and uncounted fabrics - and 1 for a quilt for a friend.... so YAY - it looks pretty good!!

Fabric in This Week:  3.25 yards
Fabric In YTD:            37.42 yards

Fabric Out this week:   19.77
Fabric Out YTD:        171.43 yards

Total fabrics busted:  134.01 yards

I think that instead of thinking of the fabric busted - I am going to start thinking of it as Loved on Elsewhere!!!

This is the FQ pack that I got - It is still in the cellophane, and I am going to leave it like that for a minute.... we have dust!! We need rain - so please - do a rain dance for us ;-)

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Impera_Magna said...

I like that "Loved on Elsewhere" term...

Lovely new fabrics you got in!

Thankful for the rain we got yesterday (and hopefully today) and will send up prayers that you get some wet stuff falling from the sky very soon!

Dirt Road Quilter said...

Such fun fabrics and yay for 19 yards that are now a part of 'soon to be loved' quilts! The FQS does such a beautiful job of packaging their fabrics. And about tht rain dance: I've been shimmying around here on a daily basis and still the rains are avoiding us. I must be scaring them off so I might not be your dancer of choice. I'll pray. Better chance of rain and less chance of me throwing out my back. :)

Amy said...

It is so fun to shop at the Fat Quarter Shop. I love how they package the goodies. I like the pretty fabrics you picked out. We ended up with 5 days of rain which was truely a miracle and so needed. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you end up with some soon.

Dar said...

I'll send some rain your way. We got some for 2 days. Your used fabric numbers are awesome! Wish I could get with the program the way you do. I'm sewing, but not making much headway on using much stash.