Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saturday Inspiration!!

Since its National Quilting Day, NCAA March Madness, St Patty's Day, my Mother in Laws Birthday.... and going to bu 70 degrees in the snowiest month of the year... we are just happy campers around here!!  And I thought maybe you would like to see some more great Quilts of Valor!!

JoAnne in TX made these first 3 beauties... and I tell ya - they are even better in person! She has just a great way of using fabrics - I LOVE them!!!

This is a quarter log cabin style quilt - but she used some 4 patches in the corners and sashing - and it just makes this quilt pop.... and of course - the piano key borders - I LOVE those!!

JoAnne also made a more feminine quilt - it is one of those one patchwonder quilts - where the blocks are made from the border fabrics... you know the ones?  

My dear Nancy - in Wyoming made the next three quilts - you can check her blog out at Here

This one was Quilted by Ann in Idaho - her blog is Here

I believe this one is called Freedom Striped - isn't it cool - it is also quilted by Anne

The third one sent in from Nancy was quilted by Debby Y in Ft Collins - not to far away from me!!

And our last 4 quilts of valor for inspiration today come from the Amelia Island Quilt Guild out of Florida.... if our snow comes back I may need to go visit ;-)   Seriously - I do hope the moisture comes back... we planted the front pastures on the premise that a snow storm was coming... and it passed us ....  oh! Back to quilts- don't you love the setting on this one?

I think this one is that strippy pinwheel pattern - i know Bonnie Hunter has a Strip Twist pattern

And the last two - aren't they cute? I like the borders on this one too!

Hope you all enjoyed todays Quilt show and are ready to have a wonderful weekend!  I am!!!


Becky said...

That strip twist that ends up with pinwheels in the center of the block looks like the one on I have the blocks for one made sitting waiting for assembly. More UfOs. These quilts are all so beautiful. You are so lucky to be able to see and feel them in person. It's wonderful so many quilters work on this project.

Judy V. from Thornton, CO said...

WOW! It is so fun to see how strips and pieces can be combined in so many ways into a fabulous variety of quilt designs. Whoever gets these quilts will love them!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely smashing!! You have wonderfully talented friends and the boys & girls who get them will be wowed.

Shari in AZ

Driving Miss Lizzie said...

It is so cool to see my work on your blog site. Thank you for doing this for our great heros. I am the one who pieced and longarmed the last 2 quilts. I am an vet and I believe in the cause down to my bones. Most folks know me as stewyscrewy. I am a member of the Amelia Island quilt guild