Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saturdays Quilt show

Today finds one of us heading up to Estes Park to follow another swim meet. They have a quilt shop up there.... hmmm....

I have some great Quilts of Valor to show you today. You all !! These quilts ( and the previous ones I have posted) are so awesome. I get so tickled when then come in and I just ohh and ahh over them. But its even better knowing that these quilts are going to bring comfort and love to a Veteran. 

This beautiful Brick quilt came from White House TN  - with no name, and there is a niggling in the back of my brain that I KNOW who it is... but the niggling is not bringing the name out!!

I am pretty sure it is Mary Quilts  Forest Brick pattern

The next quilt come from Sue and Mary Jo - it was UPRIGHT when I posted it - how come it rotated??  

These are a close up of some of the blocks - amazing and fun!!

Here is another one that came from MaryJane and Sue - Sue put the blocks into a top and quilted it, sister Mary bound them!!

Can you see a veteran from Texas recieving this one???? Check out the boots in the corner.

This quilt is made by Mary, quilted by Sister Sue, and bound by Mary!! LOVE it!!

Check out this one - its kind of 3-D ish!! Joan K in Kersey made, quilted and bound it!!

This very last quilt for today was pieced by Lydia P and quilted by Chris in Colorado Springs

These quilts are just wonderful! Each is so different but all so beautiful!! I love how others use fabrics and put them into these lovely quilts!!   Thank you all for stopping by!!


Mike Pearson said...

I love the first one. It's very St. Patty's Day - ish :)

Gypsy Quilter said...

Wonderfully generous and inspiring.

Nancy said...

A beautiful assortment of quilts! Great job, everyone.

Pat R said...

I love to see your 'quilt shows'!! So many beautiful quilts!

Judy V. from Thornton CO said...

Wow! This is a wonderful assortment of eye candy quilts for our service men and women. Thanks again for sharing them and I look forward to seeing more.