Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Quilts of Valor CO - and a Link Up!!

Today's the day.... Today's the day.....   Feel Free to link up your current QOV's in Action!! We want to see them all....

We had a few presentations this last weekend - these are always so much fun !

We have been blessed by this group of Combat Veterans.
They are always there for us, and we love when they come to our sew days.
It's even better when we get to award them a QOV - 

Alright - let's show off what you are up to:

If you can link to the direct blog post - so when you click on the link it goes right there
You are welcome to link up more that one post too - Especially since we are only doing this once a month

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***************QOV Link up ****************

Monday, June 26, 2017

EnProvence - its back on the design wall...

I'm not sure I should really post this - because my Follow Thru on this quilt has been so..... lazy!!!

Can you Imagine? Me!!! Lazy......  Alright... pick yourself up - get to reading!!

And the funny thing?? I LOOOOVE this quilt - this design of Bonnie Hunters is just amazing
( well, don't tell her, I like them all - but this current mystery!! The best by far!)

Ok - I can tell - the suspense is killing you.....

Ha ha!! Got you!!
That my friend is  Watermelon Art!

ps.... it's an elephant!

Alright  for real this time...

I made a few changes to her design - one by mistake and one on purpose..

The mistake.... I forgot to use the second shade of blues that she used in the 4 patches... oops
The intent .... I changed the center of the stars to a red, instead of leaving them the light as she does.

but! I like it

and on that note -- just because I made changes does not make this my original design. I sort of get bothered by that - when someone takes your pattern, adds a border, or removes a border, or changes a color,  and now calls it their "Original Design"  .  This is still, in no uncertain terms - a "Bonnie Hunter" design.   it is just my interpretation of it.

Wish me luck.... my vision.... to finish it before July is Over....  So.... It is my One Monthly Goal

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Friday, June 23, 2017

T Shirt Quilts

I am a HUGE fan of T Shirt Quilts!!  My kids have so many shirts, that I can't wait to get them into quilts, and get the excess parts out of here......

One of my friends was a Big Marathoner!! He had bags of Marathon and 5K and running shirts... and so... we dug through - and about 50 shirts later.....

Ta Da!!

So this is the front of the quilt... we chose to just use the logos as they fit, versus using each T as the same Size

And this is the back!
Each shirt is a square on this side

I was able to make them the exact same width, but needed a little extra on the length
I think it turned out pretty cool!!

And then my other Friends Son was graduating from High School
Which is so weird - because I still see him as 2!!!!

And this is what we did with his shirts

and then we made a pillowcase out of the backs of the Ts
Too much fun!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Quilts of Valor ...... June 17

Oh La La.... The Mystery is getting Closer......

Alright On to this weeks Quilts!!

All of these were made by my fantastic Greeley Group
But they are so sneaky - and we like to label them
From Loving Hands...

So ... Be inspired

The one above is a string Quilt
Below is this pattern:

I am not sure but I love it!
Below is another Zig Zag Rails

And A Zig Zag Laid out differently

Above and Below
Atkinson Design Lasagna Quilt Pattern

This one was made by Kathy and Connie
I think ( emphasis on the think)
it is the three Tours Quilt that was in Fons and Porter?

And this beauty below
was made by Marilyn

mark your calendars for July 5th
This is a fun Quick Mystery 
Each Clue will seriously take 1 hour or less.
I have timed it, and I beat the clock each time!

Monday, June 19, 2017

A new Quilt

My youngest son is in 4H, and every year that he has been in 4H he has participated in the Quilting Category. Most years - he makes a Quilt of Valor.....

This year....

He is making a new quilt for him.   He has grown quite a bit in the last year, and most quilts he owns - aren't quite long enough for him.... so!  He is remedying that.

He started cutting his fabrics, and got all mathy...

That is a word - I promise... Mathy.... quilters get it right???

And then he started laying pieces out

and this is where he is at the moment
He'll get to sewing some more today and we will take measurements and move on!

and.... My Oldest Kid had a birthday
This one was actually born on Fathers Day
and his birthday was on Fathers Day this year

kinda cool

Pumpkin Pie you ask?
Why yes that is Pumpkin Pie....

and he did blow out alllllll the candles ( ha ha)

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Saturday, June 17, 2017

More from the mountains...

It has been so hot here in the afternoon that all I want to do is dream about
heading back to the Mountains....

So instead - I play with my photos
( and still dream)

My son and I had a blast on the weekend
and you know that each day I take maybe 1000 photos
so .... just a warnning...

There may be more

We had pretty late snows this year too 
so that tops were really pretty

and this mountain wasn't even one of the tallest
That will be another post
because - yes - we made it to tree line!

I swear - If I could make a living as a photographer/hiker
I would never come to town...
well except when I ran out of Chocolate

My husband is now ready to go camping

PS - My son and I are calling this Adventure #1  .... stay tuned

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Quits of Valor CO

Just a Quick Reminder.... before I get too excited about the quilts.....

Our new QOV Mystery Starts on July 5th!!!

The Day After Independence Day.... the first Clue will be the Fabric Requirements... so an easy peasy start!!!

Alright - On to the Quilts and the inspirations!!

These first two come From Diana and her stitchin Crew down at High Prairie Quilt Shop
Aren't they beautiful? They were quilted by the awesome quilters at Juke Box Quilts!  So Two Colorado Quilt Shops!!

This one ( Below)
was made by our QOV Group

And another Lovely Pieced by Marilyn
These two were also quilted at Juke Box Quilts

This one (below) was a part of a Challenge from another QOV group
and they sent it to me to quilt!
It is now back in their hands awaiting its destination

As well as this one ( below)
I had such fun quilting them!

Then we have one of my OMG quilts from April
I made 6 tops, and only had 4 of them finished at the end of April
Finishing this one.... makes all 6 finished
Whoot Whoot Whoot!!
( I did earn a piece of chocolate for that!!)

PS - The snippet of the quilting was in Sundays/Mondays Post

The three below were also put together by my QOV group
I can't name names, because the sneaky Stitchers just put them in my bucket
and I forget to label them
( I might also forget pens.... sheesh!)

They were Quilted by Hollie in Texas

Alright you all!! Start setting an hour a week aside for the month of July....
Write it in your planners
And plan on a crockpot meal that day....

( or better yet - make someone else cook!!)

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Monday, June 12, 2017

The Mountains Are Calling

and sometimes you just gotta answer...

We love hiking and seeing where we can get
And I LOVE Black and White Photos.... Every so often ... in my 35mm Minolta that used real film, I would run a roll of Black and white for everyday images - and man - did I love them

We were building a Barn and some of the images are just so cool.....  SO!!

I decided to run Black and White this time, although it is digital, so you do get a color image as well.... but... well.... Hopefully you will enjoy what I saw!

Little Bit and I hiked to the Summit of one Mountain
Wow!! You could just see forever,

I don't know if you can tell from the clouds
but it was windy!!  I had to hold on to my sunglasses a few times

The birds were amazing to watch
They kept going backwards

And I met a friend
I really thought he was going to climb over my foot
and I was hoping he wouldn't

I think it would have tickled

It was 90 plus in my home town,
we got up to the top of this mountain and it was 58 
Not a bad thing!!!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Quilting Away....

I tell you what - summer is just plain crazy!! There is just so much to do, and so much to do, and SEW Much to do!!   I need a few more hours in each day!!

But I did get down to the Quilting machine a bit....

and here are a few snippets.....

This one I will show you in full glory on Wednesday in the QOV show....

and here is my One Monthly Goal from May
I know...  a little late...   but

Ta Da!!
It is finished
And ready for the magical Binders in my QOV group to do it's work!!

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Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Quilts of Valor.... and! A new Mystery!!

Happy Wednesday Morning to you!!!

I hope you enjoyed our little linky for May!!!  Click here to see it  Our next one will be  June 28th!! So get a little progress on a QOV, or start a new one, blog about it - and come here to link it up!!!

Next order of housekeeping.....

A new Mystery is Starting!!

You can get to it through the Mystery Quilts 4 Military Yahoo group


The steps will be posted here on my blog each Wednesday !!

Starting on July 5th!!!!

Here is a hint - It will look ah! Mazing in Patriotics!!!  ( ha ha - you knew that tho right?)

Fabric requirements will be posted July 5th, with a clue a week  - and Voila - you will have a Quilt of Valor !  Each Clue takes approximately an hour, with no chasing of cows, herding the horses, or changing the laundry.....

and now.... On to the show:

Sharon D made these first two quilts .... and I love them!  Seeing as how I have a friend who loves to make 9 patches..... I loved her layout in the second quitl!!Thanks Sharon!!!

The next three were made by Kathy and QUilted by Connie
( aka the dynamic Duo)

I must love squares this month - cuz
this one ( below)
is going on my bucket list too!

oh and the back!!
Don't you just love pieced backs???

The next two were made by our QOV group
We had an Italian Day and used Atkison Designs Lasagna Quilt

and remember our Wonky Star Block Drive?
This one came from that
Both of these  ( above and below)
were quilted by Donna In Longmont!

The Pride City Guild is the best supplier of pillowcases
I know its not a requirement any more - but I still use them
A lot of our Veterans travel from place to place and LOVE to keep their quilts in the pillowcase

and some of them even tuck their quilts in their motorcycle carriers!
So this keeps them clean and loveable

Enjoy your week!
Pull some Patriotic Fabrics

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