Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Quilts of Valor CO - and a Link Up!!

Today's the day.... Today's the day.....   Feel Free to link up your current QOV's in Action!! We want to see them all....

We had a few presentations this last weekend - these are always so much fun !

We have been blessed by this group of Combat Veterans.
They are always there for us, and we love when they come to our sew days.
It's even better when we get to award them a QOV - 

Alright - let's show off what you are up to:

If you can link to the direct blog post - so when you click on the link it goes right there
You are welcome to link up more that one post too - Especially since we are only doing this once a month

**************************QOV Link up************************

***************QOV Link up ****************


DeeDee said...

I love seeing these Vets wrapped in a quilt, it is so very touching. Much better than just handing them a folded quilt. Thanks for everything you do.

Judy in Michigan said...

Alycia, our group only has a Facebook page so my link may not work. Sorry.

Judy in Michigan said...

The Facebook link is "Gaylord Quilts of Valor" but it's a closed group so it won't show up. Don't know how to fix this.