Saturday, July 01, 2017

Chicken Cornbread Enchiladas

Quilters - I am first here to tell you that I am NOT a Commercial Cook, or a Professional Recipe Writer.... However..... I have 4 men who LOOOOVE to eat - and so.... I cook....

Today I am sharing with you an easy recipe, that takes all of 5 minutes to put together, and takes about 25 minutes to cook....

Which means... that while you are taking care of your family.... you can finish HALF of the First Mystery clue ... IF NOT MORE!!

So... the Fabric Requirements come out Wednesday - Part of the Fabric Requirements is
**Finding your fabrics ( duh)
***** And Ironing your Fabrics ..... cuz all responsible quilters LOVE to iron right?   Ha ha... Don't leave me now!!

Here is what you need:
3 Cups of Shredded Chicken  ( I used a Rotisserie Chicken)
1 Can of Pinto Beans : Drained
1 Can of Black Beans:  Drained
1 Can of Rotel
1 Can Of Olives : Drained  .... Unless you don't like olives like Little Bit, then you can use a can of corn : Drained
1 Cup of Sour Cream
2 Cups off Shredded cheese

and your favorite Corn Bread Mix  ( we use Pamelas Gluten Free - since one of us has celiacs)

 Mix all of your ingredients (Except the Corn bread mix)
in a bowl   .... this was my attempt to make a pretty photo of the ingredients.....

Mix them all up

Pour them all in an 9 x 13 pan , I sort of smooshed them down so it filled every corner

Make your cornbread according to those direction
and pour it over the top

Cook on 375 for about 30-35 minutes

and Voila!!! Chicken Cornbread Enchiladas -
Oh ya - I topped them with Guacamole, and Sour Cream
Middle bit added more cheese
Husband added hot Sauce

we all think he is wierd

So there you go - One nights dinner that is easy, and has leftovers, and you can get some of the first step of the Mystery done!!

See you Wednesday for the Start!!!


Sherrill said...

What are you talking about?!!! Husband knows the right way to eat Mexican type food--with hot sauce of course!!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Thanks for sharing this - and what a BEAUTIFUL PLATE the serving is shown on!!!!

Paige said...

Yum, looks delish! I would use mild rotel intead for my DH's sake!

The Quilting Elf said...

PERFECT easy meal! We'll have our with the corn in it, but no hot sauce - lol.
Kathy T. in Tampa

Salmagundi said...

Thanks for the recipe ---- my son is home for a few days, and we all love Colo-Tex-Mex. Going to try the recipe tomorrow as I even think I have everything in the pantry. Hope this cooler weather lasts a few days!!!

Ranch Wife said...

This a favorite around here too! We call it Cornpone Pie and I make it in a cast iron skillet. And as for that hot sauce, I've gotta side with your husband. Salsa is a food group around here and we eat it on almost everything. The hotter, the better!

Ranch Wife said...

Oops! Forgot to add that we use ground beef in place of the chicken because we have a whole deep freeze full of beef.

Kevin the Quilter said...

I am so gonna make this!!

WeedyMama said...

Sounds good to me. I'll be right over!

Magoo47 said...

The only question around here is "what brand of hot sauce" :)

Salmagundi said...

I made the casserole yesterday and it was yummy. With just three of us here yesterday, I'm looking forward to leftovers. Thanks again for the recipe. Sally