Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Mystery A6 - a QOV Mystery - Fabric Requirements

It is here!!! Today's the Day!! Are you ready????  Let's go find our fabrics!!

Fabric Requirements      Quilt Size: 63 x 81 inches
Mystery A6 – Name To be Determined ;-)

Dark #1    ( Navy Blue in My Example)   1  1/8 yard
Dark #2   ( Red in My example)    1 1/8 yard
Light #1  (White in my Example)   1  1/8 yard
Medium  ( tealish Blue in my Example)  this will be your background  2   7/8 yards

Fabric Hints
·         This will be SO awesome in Patriotic Fabrics –
·         You want your two Dark Fabrics to contrast with each other, and be able to stand out on their own.
·         The light should be different than your Medium, as they will be sewn next to each other.

Other Fabric Combos:
For a Monochromatic sort of look:
Dark 1:  Cream
Dark 2: Medium Gray
Light #1 : Light Gray
Medium – Dark Gray
Make sure all the grays do have a contrast

For a More Feminine Patriotic Look:
Dark #1  Navy
Dark # 2 Dark Grey
Light #1 Bright pink    
Medium:   Cream or Beige

For a Dramatic Look
Dark #1:  White
Dark #2  :  Bright Gold
Light #1:  Red
Medium:   Navy Blue

If you would like this as a pdf it is here ( On Craftsy)
A6 Fabric Requirements PDF

If you are a blogger - Post your fabrics sometime this week, and add your blog to the link up for Next week ;-)

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Libby in TN said...

Very kind of you to offer different color combinations. Fabric selection is always the hardest part of a mystery for me. I'm hoping I'll have time to participate.

Showmethequilts said...

Got the fabrics chosen and ready to go!

Beth said...

thanks Alicia! I am traveling today...but I MIGHT have to hit the quilt shop near my dad's for this mystery! HA!

DeeDee said...

I have my fabrics pulled and am ready to cut!

squirrelie55 said...

Got my fabrics - I am ready to go. thanks

Sarah Greider said...

First timer here! Is scrappy an option or should we stick with 1 fabric for each of the requirements? Thank you!!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Once again, I have too much on the go. This time... TOO bad!!! Off to check the stash because I am SEW doing this. :o))

Unknown said...

Thanks for your ideas for a QOV Especially the female one . Will you be making the Quilt available to everyone? I am computer illiterate and cannot get the Yahoo mystery Quilt QOV quilts are important to me. Just niv

Kate said...

Looks like fun!

Kevin the Quilter said...

OK! OK! OK! You twisted my arm enough! LOLOLOL I have all of those color combos.......hmmmmm which one to choose!

Linda said...

Looking forward to this. However my machine is in the repair shop. :(.

Linda said...

I am in. May need some catching up time. My sewing machine decided it needed a vacation to the repair shop :(

Anonymous said...

This looks like fun. If I have a chance to dig out fabrics this week, I think I'll join you.

happyjax said...

thank you thank you for the opportunity to share this experience!

Susan said...

So much fun ahead - hope to find time to participate! Thanks for sharing on Midweek Makers - be sure to post again!