Saturday, July 15, 2017

Chicken Corn Salsa

I have another recipe for you to try - This one is a Dump in the Crock Pot, go sew for 4-6 hours, and tell the family how very very hard you worked to make this yummy meal for them.

And the next day serve it just a bit different - and you have TWO days to Stitch!!!

PS - Remember - Not a professional chef, nor even a really adventurous eater!

Chicken Corn Salsa

1 - 16 oz Frozen Corn - I use the Super Sweet , or someitmes I get the Petite Sweet White Corn
1 - Can of Rotel
1 - Can of Black Beans ( drained)
3-4  Frozen Chicken Thighs

For later:
Sour Cream
Shredded Cheese
Taco Chips
and for day 2 - Taco shells

In the Crockpot
Put in the Frozen Chicken Thighs
Put the corn in on top
Next dump in the beans
and pour the Rotel on top

Cook on Low 5-7 hours or on high 4-5 hours   ( in the summer mine is done in 4, winter 5 and I have no idea why)

Open the lid, and shred the chicken

It is now ready to serve

The first day I put out Taco chips and all the other stuff and let them make Nacho salad type meals

The second day I heat up taco shells - and voila - Tacos!!

So there you go!! You have a LOT of time to stitch now right???

( can you tell food is one of THE most important things in my household this summer - with all 3 boys and the visitors around???)


kupton52 said...

Looks delish!!! I'm having empty nest syndrome I guess....children out of the house and I'm still adjusting to cooking for just to two of us instead of 3 children and assorted But I do love crockpot meals that can be served various ways....(gives me more time to quilt!).

Carlie Nichols: said...

I've done this before but forgot about it. Thanks for reminding me. It's a super recipe any time. Carlie

Kate said...

I like that type of meal planning!